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The most humid, rainy and least It has the title of the district that sees the sun. Most of the city is green.

Although there are few records of Ardesen's ancient history, it was preserved for many years under Roman and Byzantine rule and then Trabzon came under the rule of the Pontic Greek Empire. It became a Turkish land in 1461 by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. According to rumors, the name of the city, Yavuz Sultan Selim was the owner of Sancak, while the son of Kepa Sancak sought help from his son. Seeing the settlements in the higher parts of the region, seeing the stormy pieces of trees on the beach, asking for help, "This place has been ignored". named as it says.

Ardesen Hotels: Where to Stay in Ardesen?

You will need a place to stay to see the cities and places you want to visit in Ardeşen district. It is quite possible to find a hotel that suits your budget and your comfortable understanding. It is not that difficult to find a hotel that appeals to every comfort and budget. You may want to stay in one of these hotels and visit Ardeşen as you wish. Before making a reservation in one of the most suitable Ardesen hotels, you can check Ardesen hotel prices and talk to the hotels on

Ardesen Affordable Hotel Deals

Ardeşen hotel prices are definitely suitable for your pocket. We can say that the most important factors affecting Ardeşen hotel prices are the location, facilities and service quality of the hotel. For this reason, it is possible to find a hotel suitable for your budget in Ardeşen. If you want to take advantage of the most favorable Ardeşen hotel prices, you can follow Ardeşen hotel prices on and talk to the hotels.

Places to Visit in Ardeşen

There are many places to visit in Ardeşen, where its historical and cultural texture adds many differences. You cannot visit Ardeşen without visiting each of these places. If you want to know where to start exploring Ardesen, keep browsing.

Fırtına Creek

About 2 kilometers west of Ardeşen, the Fırtına Creek, which flows into the Black Sea, is 57 kilometers long. While enjoying the unique views of the surrounding cafes and tea plantations Guest, with arch bridge over a small river also attracts the attention of others and also one of most popular rafting spot. To reach the beginning of the stream rafting route Rize-Ardesen road Çamlıhemşin. The finish line is located within the borders of Ardeşen.

Dolana Çay

Dolana Çay is a unique It is another natural beauty in the region that adds beauty. Dolana Çay and its surroundings are new attraction centers brought by Black Sea tourism. While meeting the food and beverage needs of the tea industry, you can also watch the natural scenery.

Işıklı Mosque

Işıklı Mosque was built in 1822 and is located in the center of Ardeşen district. The podium, gallery and ceiling of Iskeri Mosque decorated in Baroque style are the most beautiful historical examples of the period. These functions and interior and exterior structures are different from other examples in the year of construction. Since Işıklı Mosque is located in the center of the district, it is one of the most important historical monuments of the district and it has easy transportation. It can be transported to Işıklı Mosque via Ardeşen Coastal Road.

Ardeşen Cuisine: What to Eat in Ardeşen?

It is possible to find flavors worth tasting in Ardeşen. You should try these flavors on-site. If you want to try these flavors, let's list them as follows:

• Pepeçura

• Laz Borek

• Rice Pudding

Shopping in Ardeşen: Ardeşen What to Buy?

You may want to leave Ardesen in memory of your return. If you want to buy souvenirs in this district, you should shop from local dealers and shops. To decorate your home with souvenirs, we recommend you to shop from the dealers and take advantage of local products.

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