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Trabzon - About the Hotels

With its breathtaking nature and mystical historical texture, Trabzon is among the star routes of the Black Sea…

Trabzon, which fascinates its visitors with its beauty, is described as the pearl of the Black Sea. one of the cities. Trabzon contains the most popular routes of Black Sea tours. With its churches, monasteries, museums and plateaus, Trabzon promises an unforgettable journey to its visitors. Trabzon has an important place in our country in terms of plateau tourism. When you come to Trabzon, which is one of the most curious cities of the Black Sea Region, there are many alternatives for accommodation.

Where to stay in Trabzon? Trabzon Hotel Deals

Trabzon hotels with a variety of options reveal a thousand and one shades of green. In Trabzon, where each corner offers a different beauty, how you choose a hotel depends on your itinerary and your purpose of being in the city. Located in the city center, Trabzon hotels are a great starting point for exploring, as well as Trabzon in the highlands. The hotels offer a completely different accommodation. You can check Trabzon hotel deals on to make a reservation among the most suitable Trabzon hotels.

Trabzon Hotel Deals

Trabzon, mostly summer and spring is flooded with tourists during the months. These periods are not a good time to explore the city, as the region receives a lot of rainfall in winter and autumn. Therefore, Trabzon hotel prices can also differ in this sense. Trabzon hotel prices, which increase in summer and spring with heavy demand, come to more economical levels in autumn and winter. In order to stay in one of the cheapest Trabzon hotels, all you have to do is to follow Trabzon hotel deals regularly.

Places to Visit in Trabzon

Trabzon will be visited and seen in many places. hosts to the place. Of course, Sümela Monastery, one of the symbols of the city, comes first. Located within the borders of Maçka , the monastery continues its existence as the most touristic point of the city. Although not as famous as Sümela, the Vazelon Monastery, which has the same architecture with it, is also worth seeing. Peristara Monastery, one of the famous monasteries of Trabzon and located within the borders of Maçka, is also among the places to be seen in the city.

We recommend you to visit Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum, which belongs to the Byzantine period and is located in the city center. In addition, you can include Trabzon Castle, one of the magnificent buildings of the city, on your trip list. The Çal Cave, which is considered to be the second longest cave in the world and located in Düzköy district, and Sera Lake, which has a different beauty in every season, are among the places to be seen in Trabzon.

Trabzon, which is famous for its plateaus, is in Uzungöl. We would like to remind you that you should definitely include Haldizen Plateau in your trip list.

Things to Do in Trabzon

The things we can say do not return without doing in Trabzon are as follows;

· Do not return from Trabzon without eating it. 

· Make sure to tour the plateau.

· Buy Trabzon butter.

· Do extreme activities like paragliding, zipline.

· Explore the monasteries.

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