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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

User Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions cover the room sales services offered on the website of HotelForex ("Company"). Entering our website directly or through any platform / distributor / service provider, mobile devices and integrated systems, browsing and using our site and / or buying room, e-mail or telephone, etc. By transacting on the platform using communication channels, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions as well as the Privacy Agreement and Terms.

The online facility room sales service provided through the platform is owned by HotelForex and operated and provided by HotelForex, and is allocated only for your personal, non-commercial use in accordance with the terms and conditions stated below.

The Company reserves the right to change, update and renew the entire content of these Terms of Use at any time without notice. It is the users' responsibility to follow the updates on the site. The current Terms of Use will be valid from the moment it is published on the site and the use of the site or the site for users will be subject to the current Terms of Use from that moment on.

If you do not agree to these terms of use, please do not use this website. Before you start using the site, read the Terms of Use carefully. All real and legal persons who benefit from the content offered on this Site or access the Site in any way are deemed to have accepted the following terms of use.

If the Site Users do not find the updated Terms of Use appropriate, they may opt out of using the Company website at any time. Site users cannot claim any rights from the Company in this regard.

1. Definitions

"HotelForex", "we" or "our", the Republic of Turkey was established by the Laws and registered address "Esentepe district Büyükdere Caddesi No: 199/6 34394 Levent Sisli Istanbul" which HotelForex Travel Tourism Trade Limited refers to the companies named Enterprise. "Service" refers to the hotel room purchase process offered by Hotels on the Platform. "Hotel" is used to mean the business / companies that offer hotel rooms on the Platform. "User" defines the person who visits the Platform and / or purchases the Service through the Platform. The "Platform" refers to the system that opens every day at 08:00 and closes at 19:00 on the HotelForex website, the Hotels can enter and change room rates for 3-day periods, and the system that brings the User and the Hotel together to make transactions under the terms of this contract. “Barcode” means the digital number sent to the User by HotelForex upon the realization of the room purchase through the Platform.

2. Scope of Service

The platform provides an online environment where Hotels can advertise their Services and Users can purchase these services. The platform allows Hotels to freely announce the prices of their products and services and to allow Users to make purchases and / or offers by following the prices announced by the Hotels. In the event that the Hotels respond positively to the offer given by the User, the User may purchase the service subject to the offer within the time given by the Hotel. Notifications of hotels can be in the form of e-mail, site announcement or application announcement. Through the platform, it is aimed for Users to purchase the most affordable service. In this sense, the purchases made by the users regarding the announcements made on the platform, notifications to their e-mails or application announcements are entirely at their own discretion, and whether they respond positively to the offer, whether to buy or miss the offer, etc. The legal responsibility for the risks is on themselves. By purchasing a room through the Platform, the User enters into a direct contractual relationship with the Hotel. The legal consequences of all legal transactions regarding room purchases and other transactions take place between the Hotel and you. From the moment you purchase your room, we will act exclusively between you and the Hotel with an intermediary license, by forwarding the details of the room / rooms you have purchased to the relevant Hotel and sending you a confirmation e-mail on behalf of the Hotel.

The information we convey while performing our services is based on the content provided to us by the Hotels. In this sense, the user; It accepts that Hotels are responsible for updating all prices, quotas and other information, descriptions, photos displayed on our Platform as a result of providing hotels with access to an external network. Although we show reasonable skill and care in performing our services, we cannot verify and guarantee the accuracy, completeness and accuracy of all such information provided by the Hotels and communicated to Us, as well as any errors (including obvious defects and typographical errors) that are not caused by us; Any interruption (caused by possible (temporary and / or partial) malfunction, repair, improvement or maintenance work on our platform or others); We remind you that we cannot be held responsible for inaccurate, misleading or untrue information or for non-transmission of information. Member Hotels who provide the information are always responsible for the accuracy, completeness and accuracy of the (descriptive) information (including prices and quotas) displayed on our Platform. Our Platform does not recommend or endorse the service quality, service level or rating of any Hotel (or its facilities, venue, products or services) provided, nor should it be evaluated as such.

Our service is for personal and non-commercial use only. For this reason, it is forbidden to resell, deep-link, use, copy, monitor (eg spider, scrape), display, download or reproduce the content or information, products and services offered on our Platform for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose.

3.Platform Operating Rules

The platform aims the User to find the most suitable hotel room rate. The user can only purchase rooms for a period of 3 days at a time. Unless otherwise stated on our Platform or in the email for confirmation, all room rates are expressed as price per room during your stay and are displayed including VAT and all other taxes. The platform operates according to the following rules:

• The platform opens every day (including weekend) at 8:00 and closes at 19:00;

• Hotels can open a sales record for a 365-day period;

• Likewise, users can also purchase rooms on a 365-day period. They can purchase rooms from different Hotels for different days. In any case, room purchases made at once can cover up to 365 days;

• Hotels can offer up to 20 rooms for sale in a day;

• Hotels can make changes in their prices in periods of at least 30 minutes and the change cannot exceed 30% below or above the current price;

• If hotels remove the room advertisements for sale without being sold and want to reopen them within 30 minutes, they cannot enter a price below or above the room rate given when unpublished. Then, after 30 minutes, they can change the price;

• In the event that the Hotel changes the price while the User is in the purchasing step, the User is informed of the situation and a period of 2 minutes is given. The user can complete the purchase within 2 minutes at the first price he sees. If the purchase is not completed within 2 minutes, the current price given by the Hotel will be taken as basis. The user can bid again at the changed price;

• Hotels can only enter a single room type on the Platform;

• Hotels can define their rooms with a minimum capacity of 2 and a maximum of 4 people on the Platform;

• In case a user buys multiple rooms simultaneously, a Barcode is created for each sale transaction;

• Users can bid up to 30% below the current price;

• Users can bid at 1 TL intervals.

Prices offered by Hotels through the platform may be subject to special rules, certain restrictions and conditions. Please check the relevant service and room sales terms and information in detail before making a room purchase to make sure there are any such conditions.

The original room price of the hotel in the information section on the Hotel on the platform; the hotel's standard room sales price, the closing price of the previous sale; Information such as the last day's room price, the current sales price, the room price offered by the hotel can be accessed through the platform. As this information is entered by Hotels, HotelForex will not confirm the accuracy of this information and HotelForex cannot be held responsible for this matter.

Our services provided through HotelForex are not subject to any fees, and no fees will be collected from the User for our Service, and no additional charges will be added to the Hotel prices.

Hotels pay the commission / service fee determined to HotelForex after the users benefit from the service provided by the Hotel and make a payment.

HotelForex is not a party to the distance sales contract and other contractual relationship between the User and the Hotel in the User's Hotel room sale transaction. Any legal action, including any claim, request and requirement / acceptance of the room purchased by the user from the hotel, will be brought against the Hotel, not against HotelForex.

The currency calculation tool on the platform is for information purposes only and cannot be guaranteed to be accurate and real-time; exchange rates can actually differ.

4. Privacy Rules

These rules relate to how we process and use your personal information collected and collected through the Platform. These rules apply to any information we collect from the Platform or from other tools connected to the Platform (for example, by email or by contacting our customer service team). Detailed explanations regarding the aforementioned information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

We may make changes to our Privacy Policy from time to time. For this reason, we recommend that you regularly follow the Privacy Policy page on our website.

5. Procurement and Use of Credit Cards

After the room purchase and payment process is completed, the sales transaction is confirmed by an e-mail sent to you. In return for the payment for the room, a barcode number required to stay in the room is sent to you via e-mail and / or SMS. It is mandatory to present the barcode code to the Hotel during check-in.

HotelForex offers the opportunity to pay the room rate directly to the Hotel via secure online payment. Payment is securely processed from your credit / debit card or bank account and made to the hotel's bank account through a third payment processor. All payments provided for and transferred to the Hotel by us are the room sale fee for the service. After the sale of the room is completed, it cannot be canceled in any way and the payments made other than the conditions specified in the Contract cannot be requested.

Please check thoroughly the information of the service you have chosen before making your room purchase for any similar conditions. HotelForex cannot be held responsible or liable for any authorized, unauthorized or incorrect payment transactions made by the hotel. The refund of any valid and authorized payment received from your credit card by the hotel is not requested and no claims can be made.

In the event of credit card fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card by third parties, most banks and credit card companies assume the risk and cover the damage caused by fraud or abuse, but we remind you that you should take personal care and attention in these matters and also take the necessary security measures.

6. Payment and Cancellation

By purchasing a room from a Hotel, you agree that you are subject to the terms and conditions of the room, service and hotel offered by the Hotel.

The invoices of the paid rooms will be made by the Hotel and the fees for the rooms purchased on the Platform are non-refundable.

A single room type is offered by Hotels on the Platform, and for any additional conditions that may be applied by the Hotel (e.g. age requirement, security deposit, additional requirements for group conditions, extra bed / paid breakfast, accepted pets / cards), please contact the hotel on our Platform. Please carefully read the important information below and in your confirmation of your room purchase. We remind you that you, as the User, are responsible for any malfunctions such as late payment, wrong bank, credit card or money card information, invalid credit card / money card or insufficient balance and that you should take the necessary measures in this regard. Unless the hotel accepts it, a refund cannot be requested for the payment made through the Platform without any judicial decision.

Our customer service department can assist you if you need assistance in informing the hotel. HotelForex does not accept any responsibility regarding your late arrival or the application of the room fee not used by the Hotel and any dispute / request or complaint in this regard.

7. HotelForex's Liability

HotelForex, the content of the communications with the Hotel through the Platform or through the Platform, the presentation, acceptance or rejection of the offer, the lack of communication, the use of personal information outside of its purpose and scope, the room / service provided by the hotel not in accordance with the form offered on the Platform, etc. does not accept any responsibility in various bilateral legal transactions and relations. HotelForex cannot guarantee that any request or communication will be duly and timely received / read, applied, processed or accepted by the Hotel.

In order for your room purchase to be completed and secured properly, you must use a correct and accessible / unblocked e-mail address. HotelForex cannot be held responsible or liable for any problems and / or legal issues / disputes that may arise from incorrect or misspelled / blocked e-mail addresses, inaccurate or incorrect phone numbers or credit card numbers.

All requests and complaints regarding HotelForex or the Service provided by HotelForex must be sent to HotelForex immediately. Regardless, these requests and complaints must have been sent within 7 days of the room purchase. All claims and complaints sent after the 7-day period may be rejected and the claimant loses all rights. As the price and availability of the hotel rooms offered on the platform are constantly updated and regulated, we recommend that you take a screenshot to support your complaints when necessary.

8. Hotel Rankings on the Program

On our platform, the default ranking of the hotels is automatically sorted with the best "Price" room at the top. Through the platform, we also offer different ways of filtering the ranking of Hotels. Please note that the default ranking is based on a fully automated ranking system (algorithm) and is based on multiple criteria such as not only the popularity of Hotels among our visitors, but also customer service history and specific data on room sales (number of rooms sold, conversion rate, etc.). The algorithm also includes the hotel's commission payments and the commission percentage. However, these are two of the many factors that influence the assumed ranking (but certainly not the leading ones). If you wish, you can sort according to the criteria (s) you specify with the filtering option.

9. Disclaimer

HotelForex, by being subject to the limitations expressed in the present terms and conditions and the Republic of Turkey to the extent permitted by law, as a result of inability to fulfill its primary responsibility for the service if the legal liability arises; may be liable for compensation for the direct damages faced, covered or incurred by you, up to the total amount of your room purchase.

HotelForex and its employees, representatives, affiliates and agents, to the extent permitted by law; In your legal relationship with the Hotel, a) any penalty, direct or indirect loss and damages, any loss of production, loss of profit, loss of contract, loss of goodwill and reputation, loss of compensation, etc.) Any error regarding the Hotel's information presented on the platform b) The services provided by the hotel and the goods it offers c) Any direct or indirect damages, losses or costs incurred, incurred or incurred by you, arising out of or related to the find, as a result of the use, unavailability or delay of the platform, and d) any cancellation, double reservation Actions, mistakes, violations, negligence, deliberate misconduct, which may be attributed to the Hotel or its employees, managers, officers, agents, representatives or affiliated companies, whose services belonging to the Hotel are offered through our Platform, including strike, force majeure or any other event that is not at their discretion. , defects, misrepresentations, unfair treatment or faultless liability is not liable for any injury, death, property damage, or any other direct or indirect damages, losses or costs incurred, incurred or incurred by you.

HotelForex is not responsible or liable for the collection, retention, transfer and payment of the taxes applied to the total room price. HotelForex does not act as a registered seller in relation to rooms sold on the Platform.

10. Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights of the software offered or used by the Platform and the content and information and material on our website belong to HotelForex and Hotels.

HotelForex is entitled to all the rights, content, extension, domain name, image and style of the platform on which the service is offered, such as its image and style, and none of these may be copied, reproduced, received, linked, published, promoted, marketed, it may not be integrated, exploited, combined with anything else, or used in any other way without our written permission. Unlawful use or performance of the above-mentioned acts and behaviors constitute a significant violation of our intellectual property rights (including copyright and database rights).

11. Other Provisions

These terms and conditions are subject to Turkish law and Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices will be authorized in disputes arising from these terms and conditions and our services.

If any provision of these terms and conditions loses their validity or binding force, becomes invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions will remain binding. Even in such case, the invalid provision will continue to be enforced to the extent permitted by applicable law, and you will have to agree to at least accept a result similar to the invalid, unenforceable and non-binding provision for the purposes and content of these terms and conditions.

All notifications to be sent to the relevant parties in these Terms and Conditions will be made through the e-mail address (s) provided by the Users when creating a user account or the e-mail address (s) used by the Users to contact the Company.

HotelForex Travel Tourism Trade Limited Company, established under the Law on the Republic of Turkey is a private company that is a member of TÜRSAB with 10182 numbers and central Walnut Quarter, Zuhal Street, A6 Blok No: 46 D: 18 rhythms Maltepe / Istanbul address deployed is the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce with the trade register number 72 133-5. Our VAT registration number is 464 071 74 85.

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