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Public Holidays

Public Holidays

Planning your travel days well throughout the year will affect your holiday in all aspects. Therefore, it is important to know the public holidays throughout the year and to meet the period you will go on holiday with these holidays. Do not forget that you can combine a weekend with a holiday and have a longer and more quality holiday.

Official Year Calendar 2021

New Year's Day 1 January, Friday / 4 January, Monday

The first day of the year in 2021 falls on Friday. You can take a 3-day vacation, including the weekend. Don't forget to check out the ski resorts close to the city where you live.

April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day Friday, April 23 / Monday, April 26

This year, April 23rd is Friday. You can give yourself and your family a 3-day vacation.

May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day Saturday, May 1

In the spring when nature awakens again, it is time to have a little getaway for a weekend where you will enjoy the natural beauties close to the city you live in.

Ramadan Feast 12 May Wednesday / 17 May Monday

The 2021 Ramadan Feast starts on Tuesday, May 11 with the day of Arafa. You have a 5-day vacation opportunity starting from 12 May until 17 May. Follow the official announcements for a longer holiday that will combine the previous weekend and the Ramadan Feast.

19 May Commemoration of Atatürk and Youth and Sports Day Wednesday, May 19

For a 1-day break during the week, you can choose holiday destinations close to the city you live in.

15 July Democracy and National Unity Day 15 July

During the week, you can choose holiday destinations close to where you live to take a 1-day break in your busy business life.

Eid al-Adha Arafa: Monday, July 19 / Monday, July 26

In 2021, the Feast of Sacrifice will be 9 days. Do not forget to arrange your holiday reservations in advance to avoid the crowd. Have a nice holiday already.

August 30 Victory Day Monday, August 30

You can take a three-day vacation, including the weekend.

October 29 Republic Day, Friday, October 29

You have a 3-day vacation opportunity, including the weekend. It is the right time for a peaceful nature holiday where you can see the magnificent colors of autumn.

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