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How to Haggle?

How To Buy A Room With HotelForex By Haggling With Hotels?

HotelForex gives you the chance to stay by getting the same service below-average prices by haggling with the hotel you want to stay. This negotiation process, which is completely online, is carried out practically and easily on the HotelForex site. The steps you need to follow to start Haggling with hotels are as follows:

Region Selection

The first thing you need to do at HotelForex is to find the hotel you will bargain with. For this, you must enter information such as the region you want to stay in, the number of guests, and the dates you will stay.

1- You must specify the place you want to stay by writing the name of the city, district, or a hotel in the "Search for a hotel for Haggling" section.

2-You must enter your check-in and check-out dates to see available hotels on the dates you want to stay.

3-Finally, you should also choose how many people will be accommodated as children and adults.

4- You can proceed to the next step by pressing the "Search" button. If you have typed in a hotel name, you can skip to step 10 after searching.

Viewing Hotels and Hotel Selection

After making your region search, you will come across hotels in the region you have chosen and have rooms for you on the dates you choose. You can filter many hotels that come before you by smaller regional units such as district, price range, and hotel star.

5- You can sort the hotel results by price, top bargain, best seller, and price drop.

6- With the "map view" on the left, you can see the locations of the hotels on the map and you can choose the location more easily.

7- You can filter the hotel results in this section. You can find results that suit you with filtering results such as the star of the hotel by region, price.

8- When you think you have found a hotel suitable for you or if you want to look at the details of a hotel, you can click on the name of the hotel and proceed to the hotel details page (step 10).

9- If you want to start the Haggling without looking at the details of the hotel, you can proceed to the Haggling screen by clicking the "Haggle Now" button.

10- You can get a lot of detailed information about the hotel from the article about the hotel. Since this information also tells about the facilities offered by the hotel, knowing them well will relieve your stay.

11- After examining the details, you can proceed to the Haggling screen by clicking the "Haggle Now" button.

12- It is possible to make reservations at HotelForex without Haggling. For this, you can click the "Buy Now" button and make a reservation directly without entering the negotiation process. In this case, you can skip the remaining steps in our article and skip to the "Room and Guest Information" section.

Haggling Process and Buying Room

You should pay attention to how many people can stay in the room where you will send the proposal, choose your room accordingly and start haggling. Please note that the type of room you will be staying in is at the discretion of the hotel and that only rooms can be selected as the number of people staying through HotelForex.

13- When you move the bar, the chance of the hotel to accept your offer will also appear. Remember to consider submitting a suitable offer for the hotel to accept your offer.

14- You can see your bargain offer overnight here. As you move the bar to the left, the price will decrease and the price you bid will decrease.

15- The bar that determines the price and acceptance rate of your offer is in this section. The price you offer decreases as you hold down the bar and move it to the left, and increases as you move it to the right. As it seems, the lower the price, the lower the acceptance rate. The bargain screen tells you the rate of acceptance as a percentage and High, Medium, and Low as you change the price. Therefore, you should determine the price you offer well. Also, keep in mind that you can bid up to 30% below the bargain price.

16- After determining the price you will offer, you can proceed to submit your offer to the hotel by clicking the "Submit Bargain Offer" button.

17- While submitting your bargain offer, remember that HotelForex does not charge any fee for this transaction and that making bargain offers to hotels is completely free. Also, you are not required to purchase the room once your offer is accepted by the hotel. So after submitting an offer, you don't need to give up and buy the room even if your offer is accepted.

18- You need to enter an e-mail address to inform you about the response of your bargain offer and the process. When your bargaining offer is accepted or rejected, you can be informed by the e-mail we will send.

Congratulations! After completing all the steps, your bargain offer has been sent to the hotel. After this stage, the hotel will be expected to respond to your offer. If the hotel accepts your offer, you can move on to the next stage, and if it refuses, you can continue to try your luck at other hotels. 

19- You can check the status of your bargain offer on HotelForex by clicking this section.

Room and Guest Information

The result of your bargain bid will be sent to your e-mail address or to your phone as an SMS if you are registered. Once your bargain offer is accepted or you click the "Buy now" button without haggling, you will need to enter room and guest information before making a purchase. Here you will need to enter how many rooms you need, your contact information for the hotel to contact you, and the information of all guests who will be staying. After entering all the information, you can proceed to the payment stage with the "Continue to Reservation" button.

Payment Information and Purchase

After the guest information has been entered, you will be asked to enter your payment information. Reservation can only be made with credit cards at HotelForex and Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Debit cards are valid. HotelForex does not store your credit card information and protects your card information. You can securely enter your information and complete your purchase by clicking the "Complete Reservation" button. After this point, your payment will be made and your reservation will be confirmed.

In Case of Problems During Booking ...

Remember that HotelForex team is always ready to help if you encounter any problems in any transaction including payment and reservation.

You can reach us at our call center +90 850 441 10 58 or [email protected] e-mail address.

Collection of Personal Data and Information

HotelForex collects personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and the relevant legal regulations, depending on the privacy policy. You can find our privacy policy here.

Cancellation and Change Conditions

Hotel room purchases made are non-refundable and through HotelForex cannot be canceled or changed.

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