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Çeşme Hotels

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Çeşme - About the Hotels

With its unique beaches, long beaches, exquisite Aegean cuisine and fun beaches, Çeşme is one of the most popular holiday resorts of recent years...

One of the most preferred holiday resorts in Izmir, Çeşme is located in the west of the city. Çeşme, which hosts holiday destinations such as Alaçatı and Ilıca, is just opposite Greece's Chios Island. takes place. Attracting attention with its immaculate nature, clear sea and comfortable hotels, Çeşme also offers many accommodation alternatives for holidaymakers.

Where to Stay in Çeşme? Çeşme Hotels

We can say that Çeşme Hotels host a wide range of options. Cesme hotels are located in several places. Cesme Center hotels come first, of course. Then Alaçatı hotels and Ilıca hotels follow respectively. Boyalık, Altınyunus, Dalyanköy and Çiftlikköy are other areas where you can stay in Çeşme.

Most of Çeşme hotels are boutique hotels and most of these boutique hotels are located in Alaçatı. Most of the all-inclusive Çeşme hotels and 5-star Çeşme hotels are located in Ilıca. It is possible to find small pensions in the center. You can find the chance to stay in one of the most suitable Çeşme hotels by following the Çeşme hotel deals on

Çeşme Hotel Prices

It is possible to say that Çeşme hotel prices vary depending on seasonal intensity and the region. We can say that Çeşme hotel prices are quite high, especially in the months of July-August and during the holidays. However, by following the Çeşme hotel deals, you can find the chance to stay in one of the cheapest Çeşme hotels. Still, contrary to popular belief, we can say that Çeşme hotel prices appeal to every budget.

Places to Visit in Çeşme

Çeşme is more a place where you can enjoy the sea-sand-sun trio. However, there are many places in the town that you can include in your travel route. We wanted to list a few places for you; Çeşme Castle which is one of the symbols of Çeşme and visited as a museum today, Alaçatı Village Bazaar which is established every week on Saturday, is located in Ildırı from ancient times to the present day. Erythrai Ancient City, Çeşme Hot Springs which are good for many diseases and Alaçatı Windmills

Çeşme Places to Go to the Sea in. As it is known, Çeşme is especially famous for its beaches in Ayayorgi Bay. However, we would like to state that there are many coves and beaches in the town. Beaches and bays where you can swim in Çeşme; Boyalık Bay, Sakızlı Bay, Pırlanta Beach, Ilıca Beach, Paşalimanı Beach, Altınkum Beach, Altın Yunus Beach and Delikli Bay.

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