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Rize - About the Hotels

One of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea with its emerald green forests, oxygen storage plateaus, exquisite local flavors, natural beauties and historical riches; Riza ...

Black Sea region, the eastern Black Sea area of Rize, is one of the cities that must be seen in Turkey. There are dozens of places to be discovered and many flavors waiting to be tried in Rize, which reveals a thousand and one shades of green. Çayeli, especially Rize Center, Ardeşen, Pazar, Güneysu, Fındıklı, İkizdere, Çamlıhemşin, Hemşin, Derepazarı, İyidere and Kalkandere, the neighbors of Rize are Trabzon and Artvin, Erzurum and Bayburt. Rize, which is one of the frequent destinations of Black Sea tours today, offers magnificent views to its visitors, especially when discovered in summer and spring. Turkey, which is the area of most rainfall in Rize, day by day, we could say, enhancing the tourism potential. So much so that Rize hotels, which improve their services every day, can be said to be the greatest proof of this. If you are planning to visit Rize in the near future, we would like to say that you should not set out without having a look at the Rize travel guide we have prepared for you.

Rize Hotels: Where to Stay in Rize?

Rize, Turkey which is one of the must-see attractions, is located in this sense we can say that a lot of alternative accommodation. You can find a suitable accommodation facility in Rize hotels that meet every expectation and appeal to every budget. If you cannot decide between Rize hotels, you can make your choice according to your travel type. For example, if you are planning a more activity-oriented travel, you can choose Rize hotels in Çamlıhemşin. If you intend to explore Rize from top to bottom, we recommend you to choose Rize center hotels. In Rize, which stands out with its plateau and nature tourism, you can also choose highland hotels. Before you decide on one of the most suitable Rize hotels, we recommend you to review the Rize hotel deals on Hotelforex.com.

Rize Hotel Deals

Suitable for every budget In Rize, which offers hotels, Rize hotel prices vary according to the season. Generally, the prices of Rize central hotels were the highest accommodation alternative. However, in line with the increasing demand in the Black Sea bungalows and the plateaus, there have been some changes in the hotel prices in Rize. In the spring and summer months, a slight increase can be observed in Rize hotel prices. Before making a reservation at one of the most suitable Rize hotels, be sure to check the Rize hotel deals.

Rize Attractions

One of the most spectacular cities of the Black Sea Region. Rize has been among the favorite routes of tourists in recent years. If you are one of those who want to explore Rize as soon as possible, we would say don't set out without checking the list of places to visit in Rize.

Kaçkar Mountains National Park

Çamlıhemşin, was declared a national park in 1994 with the decision of the Council of Ministers. Kaçkar Mountains National Park, which consists of an area of 51,500 hectares, hosts 9 villages and 33 highland settlements. rafting in the park borders, trekking, you can do mountain climbing and heliski such activities.

Anza Springs

İkizdere 35 km from the place Anzor Plateau, Turkey's is seen as one of the most valuable geographic areas. Anzer Plateau, which was declared a tourism region in 1991, is quite famous for its honey. This honey, which is obtained only from the endemic flowers grown in Anzer Plateau, is among the most expensive honeys in the world. We strongly recommend you to see Anzer Plateau, which reveals the magnificent nature of Rize.

Ayder Plateau

Ayder Plateau, which is connected to Çamlıhemşin district of Rize, It is one of the most touristic spots in Rize. Many who stay at home to alternative Ayder, one of the rare places in Turkey can integrate with nature. With its peaceful and calm atmosphere and healing resources, Ayder Plateau is a place you should not return without seeing from Rize.

Zil Castle

Located 15 km from Çamlıhemşin Zil Castle is located on the western slopes of Fırtına Creek. Built on a steep rock mass, Zil Castle is shown as one of the most remarkable historical ruins of the city.

Şenyuva Bridge

Şenyuva, built in 1696 Bridge is among the historical monuments that must be seen in Rize. Located on Fırtına Creek, the bridge is the oldest bridge in the region. Şenyuva Bridge, which has a height of 20 meters and a width of 40 meters, is located 7 km from Çamlıhemşin.

Palovit Waterfall

23 km from Çamlıhemşin Palovit Waterfall, which is located, is located within the borders of Kaçkar Mountains National Park. Palovit, which is the waterfall with the highest flow in Rize, falls from a height of 15 meters. If you happen to be in Rize during the summer months, we strongly recommend you to see the Palovit Waterfall, where you will admire its magnificent nature.

Rize Castle

Located in the center of Rize. In addition to being one of the symbols of the city, Rize Castle is also one of the most important historical monuments. Rize Castle, which is among the must-see places in Rize, was used by the Genoese. The castle also hosts a wonderful view of Rize.

Pokut Plateau

Pokut Plateau, which has a very rugged road, has a long history of 200 years and hosts a magnificent nature. There are also houses and facilities where you can stay in the plateau. Pokut Plateau, where you can see the famous sea of clouds, whose photos we see everywhere, must be on your list of places to visit in Rize.

Rize Cuisine: What to Eat in Rize?

Rize hosts an exquisite cuisine that delights the palate. The tastes you need to experience in Rize's kitchen, which hosts the best dishes of the Black Sea, are as follows:

  • Anchovy Pilav
  • Hamsikoli
  • Anchovy Soup
  • Collard Soup
  • Karalahan a Stuffed
  • Roasted Cabbage

Shopping in Rize: What to Buy from Rize?

The first answer to the question of what to buy from Rize is undoubtedly tea.Anzer honey is another product we recommend to buy when returning from Rize. In addition to all these; Rize hazelnuts, corn. Bread, corn flour, black grape molasses, flat cheese, Rize cloth, Hemşin socks, Hemşin push-pull, wicker basket, model taka, kemençe and boxwood spoon are among the other gift items you can buy from Rize.

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