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Marmaris - About the Hotels

In Marmaris, which reveals a thousand and one shades of green and blue, peace is waiting for those who want, and a holiday full of fun awaits those who want it...

Marmaris, one of the most popular holiday resorts of Muğla, offers everything you expect from a holiday with its lush nature, countless beaches, historical richness and vibrant nightlife. a place that offers you something. Thanks to its facilities, Marmaris can appeal to everyone's holiday understanding. Those who want to swim in the sea and read a book in peace and those who want to have fun until the morning can choose Marmaris. 

Where to Stay in Marmaris? Marmaris Hotels 

Contrary to popular belief, Marmaris is a very large district. Of course, most of Marmaris hotels are located in the center. Marmaris Center is a great starting point for those who want to explore the town from start to finish. In addition to this, Marmaris, which is scattered around quite different regions, also has hotels where peace occurs.

Selimiye: Selimiye, a quiet seaside town of Marmaris, is located along the coast, boat tours impress with its magnificent sea. Marmaris hotels found here mostly consist of hostels and boutique hotels. Selimiye is also an ideal place for a quiet Marmaris holiday.

İçmeler: İçmeler is one of the most popular regions of Marmaris. Hosting mostly all-inclusive Marmaris hotels, İçmeler is one of the ideal addresses for an enjoyable Marmaris holiday with its numerous activity opportunities. 

SöğütOne of the regions that has managed to remain untouched since it is not very popular, Söğüt has mostly small hotels, boutique hotels and hostels .

Turunç: Just like Söğüt, Turunç is a very calm and untouched region. Most of the Marmaris hotels here consist of small, boutique hotels and pensions.

Marmaris Hotel Deals 

To find the most suitable Marmaris hotels, you need to compare Marmaris hotel prices. . However, you can find a Marmaris hotel that suits your budget by following early booking and Marmaris hotel deals. In this sense, you can find the most suitable hotel among Marmaris hotel prices and get the chance to stay in one of the cheapest Marmaris hotels.

Places to Visit in Marmaris 

Marmaris' There are dozens of places to visit and you can prioritize your list according to your vacation time. Of course, one of the places to visit should be Marmaris Castle. Because it is one of the symbolic structures of the town. In addition, Marmaris is home to many ancient cities. At the beginning of these; Physkos, Loryma, Amos, Cedrae, Hydas, Erine, Castabus, Saranda, Bybassisos and Euthenna ancient cities are coming.

Places to Go in Marmaris 

Marmaris is home to countless bays and beaches. All of them are mind-blowingly beautiful. Among these, Paradise Island, Uzunyalı Beach, Marmaris Public Beach, Sedir Island and Cleopatra Beach are the main ones. Bördübet, Kumlubük, Çiftlik, Abdi Reis, Kızkumu, Amos, İçmeler and Turunç bays are among the places where you should definitely swim in Marmaris.

In Marmaris Things to Do 

The things we will say do not return without doing in Marmaris are as follows;

  • Participating in daily boat trips.
  • Rafting in Dalaman Stream.
  • Jeep safari, ATV safari , participating in activities such as scuba diving.
  • Enjoying the nightlife in Marmaris Bar Street.
  • Exploring ancient cities.
  • Seeing Marmaris Castle.
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