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Festivals and Local Events Calendar

Festivals and Local Events Calendar

Kadıköy Winter Art Festival 6-7 February

Kadıköy Municipality and Turkey at the festival organized by the Youth Academy partners; talks, concerts, theater plays and various workshops are held.

Datça Almond Flower Festival 5-7 February

At the festival, where you can try various flavors made with almonds, you can also attend workshops to be held in the fairground, watch concerts and dance shows.

Kars Winter Games Festival 28 February

Both amateur and professional athletes can participate in the festival held in Sarıkamış. In the festival where huge snow sculptures are also made; There are many activities such as wrestling on snow, horse javelin, snow rolling, igloo making.

Istanbul International Dance Festival 13 - 16 May

In the festival, where many local and foreign artists will exhibit their performances, workshops are also held for dance enthusiasts.

International Orange Blossom Carnival 2-11 April

During the carnival held in Adana, the streets smell of orange flowers and you can try many different flavors. There are also events such as costume contests, dance shows, and stage shows.

International Urla Artichoke Festival 16-18 April

You can taste the flavors of the Aegean in the festival held every year in the last week of April. You can also participate in workshops and cooking competitions with famous names.

Edirne Kakava - Hıdırellez Festivals 5-6 May

The Kakava Fire is lit on the first day of the festival, which is held every year to celebrate the arrival of spring. Then the papers on which wishes are written are first buried in the soil and thrown into the stream the next morning. Horse races and game weather events are organized throughout the festival.

Traditional Tekirdağ Cherry Festival 3-6 June

In the festival held since 1962; cherry competitions, concerts, cortege and lantern processions are held. There is also a beauty contest.

Bozcaada Jazz Festival 16-18 July

At the festival where you can listen to jazz music day and night; Yoga workshops, talks, workshops and tastings are also held in the festival area.

Festa 2200 Bicycle Festival 26 July

Hundreds of cyclists from all over Turkey and adventurers join the festival; Apart from cycling tours, activities such as climbing, safari, camping and trekking are also organized.

International Tulum and Music Festival 21 - 27 July

At the event held in Artvin, Borcka, folk dance groups from all over the country perform dance performances. You can also participate in the fastest tea drinking contest.

KapıkayaFest Outdoor Sports Festival 21-25 July

In the festival held in the Bafra district of Samsun; There are many sporting activities such as parachute, camping, fishing and canoeing.

Zeytinli Rock Festival 25-30 August

Balıkesir's Edremit district organized the festival, attending important rock musicians in Turkey.

Bozcaada Culture Art and Vintage Festival 6-8 September

In the festival aiming to keep the traditional vintage culture alive; Concerts, game tournaments, tastings and talks are held.

Golden Orange Film Festival 2 - 9 October

In the festival organized in Antalya since 1964; Along with free feature and short film screenings, foyer talks, panels and an award ceremony are held at the end of the festival.

Ankara International Comedy Festival 29 October-14 November

During the festival; stand-up shows, events for children, theater plays, amateur comedian shows and concerts are held.

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