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Istanbul is one of the most beautiful districts of Kadıköy is among the favorite districts of the Anatolian Side with its lively life and dozens of points to visit…

Kadıköy is one of the oldest districts of the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. We think it would not be wrong to say that Kadıköy, which is active and lively 24/7, is the district of Istanbul that does not sleep. We can say that Kadıköy keeps the pulse of culture and art, as well as the night life in the city. In addition to its entertainment life, Kadıköy also serves as a financial center where the heart of business life beats. Kadıköy, which hosts the most beautiful districts of Istanbul such as Bostancı, Göztepe, Caddebostan, Erenköy, Kozyatağı, We can say that it is like a reflection of Istanbul. When you come to Kadıköy for business or touristic purposes, what can you do in this beautiful neighborhood, where can you stay, etc. We have discussed many topics such as in detail and prepared a great Kadıköy travel guide for you.

Kadıköy Hotels: Where to Stay in Kadıköy?

From Kadıköy In addition to the central points of Istanbul, it is possible to easily reach other regions. For this reason, Kadıköy hotels are highly preferred for Istanbul stays. As we said, one of the most preferred reasons for Kadıköy hotels is that they provide easy access to other points of the city. In addition, Kadıköy hotels offer their guests a very colorful accommodation experience due to the deep-rooted history and vibrant nightlife of the district. Most of Kadıköy hotels are within walking distance to the dock, metro and bazaar. You can choose Kadıköy hotels for a central stay in Istanbul, and you can browse the Kadıköy hotel deals on to find one of the most suitable Kadıköy hotels.

Kadıköy Hotel Deals

Since Kadıköy is one of the central districts of Istanbul and has been flooded with tourists for four seasons, hotel prices in Kadıköy are shaped accordingly. We can say that Kadıköy hotel prices vary according to the quality of the services offered by the hotel. In addition, the location of the hotel is one of the factors that affect the Kadıköy hotel prices the most. Still, you can find a hotel suitable for every income level in Kadıköy. To make a reservation in one of the cheapest Kadıköy hotels, simply follow Kadıköy hotel deals on

Places to Visit in Kadıköy

Once in Kadıköy Do you print, you are definitely addicted to this district. Because Kadıköy is home to many beauties waiting to be discovered, as well as its magnificent colorful atmosphere. Do not forget to take a look at our list of places to visit in Kadıköy that we have prepared for you.

Kadıköy Bazaar and Bahariye Street: Kadıköy Bazaar and Bahariye Street, which are the most important and popular spots of Kadıköy, must be seen. where needed. Especially Tellalzade Street in Kadıköy Bazaar is a very sweet place full of antique shops and old bookstores. When you go to Bahariye Street from here, do not forget to stop by Sanatçılar Street.

Süreyya Opera House: Located on Bahariye Street, Süreyya Opera House is among the most remarkable historical buildings of Kadıköy. . The Süreyya Opera House, built by Süreyya İlmen Pasha in 1927, still hosts many popular art shows.

Bull Sculpture: In the 1860s, a French sculptor built a French sculptor in Paris. The Bull Statue, which was made to symbolize the war in which the Germans defeated, is actually a statue that represents power. Today, we can call it the official meeting point of Kadıköy. The Bull Statue, the most important symbol of the district, takes its place in the list as a statue that should not be seen before in Kadıköy.

Osmanağa Mosque: Babüssaaade during the reign of Sultan Ahmed I. Osmanağa Mosque, built by his chief Osman Ağa, draws attention with its wooden structure. Renovated in 1811, the mosque is one of the most beautiful buildings in Kadıköy.

Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church: Built in 1694 and with the interesting story of Ayia Efimia. The church, which draws attention, is located in the small square of Kadıköy Bazaar. We strongly recommend you to see the church built in the name of Ayia Efemia, who opposed the worship of pagan gods and chose Christianity and was tortured and killed because of this choice.

Akmar Passage: This is a very special place especially for the old Kadıköy residents. place. Akmar Passage, which is visited by everyone who set foot in Kadıköy without exception, was known for its shops and cafes, where heavy metal musicians flocked to it in the past, where music cassettes, CDs and T-shirts were sold. Today, there are all kinds of bookstores in Akmar Passage. Especially for book lovers, Akmar Passage is a must-visit place.

Haydarpaşa Train Station and Pier: If you came to Kadıköy by ferry, Haydarpaşa Train Station and Pier have definitely attracted your attention with its splendor. Haydarpaşa, which was built by German architects in 1908 within the scope of the railway project from Berlin to Baghdad, is a monumental building. Haydarpaşa is one of the must-see buildings in Kadıköy.

Moda: It is not possible to come to Kadıköy and stop by Moda. Moda, which you can reach when you follow the coastline starting from Kadıköy pier, is a district that fascinates people with its quite calm atmosphere and exquisite sea view. You should definitely spend time in Moda.

Barış Manço House: Barış Manço's house, identified with fashion, is now open to visitors as a museum-house. We strongly recommend you to visit the museum, which contains interesting notes and objects about the artist's life.

Romantika Fenerbahçe Park: The Romantika Fenerbahçe Park, which is frequented by both Kadıköy residents and Istanbulites, is the most popular place in Istanbul. It is among the parks. Located on an island and connected to Fenerbahçe Cape by a bridge, the park is adjacent to Kalamış Marina.

Bağdat Caddesi: Baghdad, one of the most popular streets of Istanbul Asian Side. The street is also known as one of the city's most famous shopping spots. Do not return from Kadıköy without seeing Bağdat Street, the place where the entertainment life of Kadıköy with its luxury shops and quality venues flows.

Istanbul Toy Museum: In a historical mansion in Göztepe district of Kadıköy. Located in Istanbul Toy Museum, was founded on April 23, 2005 by Sunay Akın. We definitely recommend you to see the museum, where the most beautiful examples of toy history from the 1700s to the present are exhibited.

Things to Do in Kadıköy

Things that we can say do not return without doing in Kadıköy are respectively. like;

  . Watch the sunset at Cape Moda.

 ·  Be sure to eat rice from street pilaf and bagel from street bagels.

 ·  Lying on the grass on the Caddebostan beach and enjoy. 

 ·  The nostalgic tram between Kadıköy and Moda get in.

 ·  Be sure to eat fish in the historical Kadıköy Bazaar.

 ·  Explore the antique shops.

 ·  Don't return from Kadıköy before you breathe the nightlife of Kadıköy.

 ·  Eat ice cream from Ali Usta.

 ·  Shop on Bağdat Caddesi.

What to Eat in Kadıköy?

First of all in Kadıköy. We would like to say that there are numerous eating and drinking places, but let's not forget that some of the places are extremely famous and have become a tradition of Kadıköy. However, we definitely recommend you to visit the fishermen in the Kadıköy Bazaar and eat fish, bread and mussels here.

· Baylan Patisserie

· Çiya Restaurant

· Viktor Levi Wine House

· Ice Cream Parlor Ali Usta

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