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Abant - About the Hotels

Every Abant trip will open the doors to a completely different fairy-tale land for you.

Bolu Abant district, which is included in the borders of the province, offers a different fairytale-like environment in every season and the oxygen you breathe while filling your eyes with its colors calms your mind. If you want to make a search for Abant hotels, you can find accommodation for every budget on our site. Due to its proximity to Istanbul, the frequently preferred weekend getaway plans are Abant is evaluated in TA. Although you need four or five days to fully enjoy the district, the two-day Abant holiday will also be successful in discharging you to get away from your busy work schedule and stress.

Abant hotels generally serve with a bed and breakfast system, but you can also find all-inclusive four-star hotels on our site. On the other hand, if you are dreaming of a holiday in touch with nature, Abant mountain hotels and bungalow houses will help you. Honeymoon holidays are also preferred in Abant, which is located in an advantageous geography in terms of ease of transportation and time management, when you search for Abant honeymoon hotels, you can find price information and accommodation conditions through our website.

Abant Attractions List

Abant Nature Park: We recommend that you start your Abant sightseeing route with Abant Nature Park, which is ideal for cultural and nature tours. There are many establishments in Abant Nature Park where you can relax, enjoy the sun, but one day you should immerse the sun here, especially with its colorful scenery, with the scent of the lotus flowers unique to the region...

Abant Lake, with a total area of 127 hectares formed by craters and deposits on the Abant Mountains, also has a great outdoor recreation potential.

You can participate in bicycle tours organized around Lake Abant, you can trekking if you enjoy extreme sports, you can buy organic mountain jams, handmade noodles and tarhana both as gifts and for yourself from Abant Village Market. If you date your Abant sightseeing plan to 13 December, you can attend the Traditional Anchovy Festival.

Abant Natural Life Museum: Located at the entrance of Abant Lake, the Abant Natural Life Museum is unique here due to the climate difference of the region. It is an area where you can observe the formed flora and fauna. If you are a researcher who likes to observe different plant species and are interested in this field, do not forget to include this museum when planning an Abant trip.

Akkaya Travertines: Pamukkale travertines, we are sure that the Akkaya travertines will be protected thanks to the more sensitive and more conscious movements of the people coming to the region, because of its structure, the sun rays are refracted with different degrees and you will get different images even if you take photos from the same point every minute. will replace.

Güzeldere Waterfall: The area around the waterfall, established as a recreation area, will rest your soul with its flowing water and will give you very pleasant moments. Güzeldere Waterfall and its surrounding vegetation will make you feel that the air you breathe is oxygen, offering very suitable areas not only for nature walks but also for picnics.

Abant Local Tastes

Abant Kir Casino, Abant Göl With its casino and all other establishments, it will offer you many flavors that will appeal to many different tastes. Some of the indispensable tastes of the region, such as Höşmerim, Çantıklı Pide, and Black Kabak Dessert, are among the delicacies we can recommend that you do not return without tasting. Apart from that, with different names, Stuffed Lifting, Cat Batmaz, Spoon Handle, Atmaç, when you return "Never mind what you eat, tell what you have seen". It is one of the flavors that will even arouse the curiosity of your audience.

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