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Bozcaada - About the Hotels

With its nostalgic atmosphere, narrow stone streets and glassy sea, Bozcaada is one of the popular holiday destinations of summer months...

Çanakkale, Bozcaada is one of the most popular holiday destinations in our country, especially in recent years. The area known as the center is divided into two as the Turkish and Greek Quarter. We can say that Bozcaada hotels, which host those who dream of a quiet, calm and peaceful holiday with great pleasure, are full every year.

Bozcaada has a very calm and nostalgic atmosphere. If you want to get away from city life and say hello to island life in real terms, you definitely need to breathe the air of Bozcaada. Bozcaada promises its visitors a peaceful holiday with its elegant boutique hotels, charming pensions, the most natural camping areas, golden yellow beaches, crystal clear and cold sea, exquisite Aegean cuisine and historical riches.

Where to stay in Bozcaada? Bozcaada Hotels

With its increasing popularity in recent years, many new hotels started to serve on the island. In other words, the same increase is also present in Bozcaada hotels. When it comes to Bozcaada hotels, small and boutique hotels that host their guests in stone buildings come to mind. Yes, the majority of Bozcaada hotels are such hotels. Of course, hostels are also as many. There are no 5-star, all-inclusive complex facilities among Bozcaada hotels. The number of Bozcaada hotels on the seafront is also a handful, as almost all Bozcaada hotels are located in the center.

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Bozcaada Hotel Deals

Like most of our country, there are many factors affecting hotel prices in Bozcaada. Of course, the first of these is the time periods that we call high season-low season. For Bozcaada, we can say that June, July and August are high season. However, we can say that the hotel prices in Bozcaada increased considerably during the aforementioned dates due to the flood of many people to the island within the scope of Bozcaada Vineyard Festival held in September. You can stay in the most suitable Bozcaada hotels for the remaining days.

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Places to visit in Bozcaada

Although it is a small island in terms of area, Bozcaada has many places you can explore during your holiday. Bozcaada Castle, one of the most magnificent buildings of the island and welcoming those who come to Bozcaada with its view, Bozcaada Castle Located in the Greek Quarter 2 km from the center and shedding light on the history of the island, Bozcaada Underwater Museum. Known as one of the oldest structures, the Köprülü Mehmet Paşa Mosque is one of the oldest structures of the island and is located in the Greek Quarter, The Virgin Mary Church offers a stunning view at sunset. Bozcaada Windmills and Polente Lighthouse are among the must-see places in Bozcaada.

Places to Go to the Sea in Bozcaada

One of the best things about being on the island is that there are many bays and beaches to swim. Bozcaada is also a very rich place in this sense. The main beaches and bays you should swim when you come to Bozcaada; Ayazma Beach, Habbele Beach, Sulubahçe, Ataol Beach, Neco Beach, Tuzburnu, Aquarium Bay, Beylik Bay, Çakır Bay, Poyrazlimanı Bay and Tekirbahçe Bay.

Things to Do in Bozcaada

The things you can say don't return without doing it in Bozcaada are as follows;

  • Go to Bozcaada Windmills, open your camping chair, enjoy the sunset while sipping your wine.
  • Explore the island's beautiful bays with daily boat tours.
  • Visit the ceramics and glass workshops.
  • Explore the island's underwater riches by diving.
  • Be sure to tour the island on foot or by bike.
  • Turkey Walk in the way of a single bond.
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