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Datça Hotels

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Datça - About the Hotels

A paradise on earth, where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet, the almond scent permeates its streets, and every corner is full of surprises; Datça...

Muğla 2 hours from Marmaris, It is almost a paradise on earth with love coves and bends. Datça, which has a different beauty in every corner, stands out as an Aegean town that no one will want to leave. Datça, which has famous spots such as Ovabükü, Hayıtbükü and Palamubükü outside the center, is a place especially for those who dream of a sea holiday.

Where to Stay in Datça? Datça Hotels

There are many hotels in Datça. Datça hotels, which serve in every concept from pensions to apart hotels, from boutique hotels to all-inclusive hotels, manage to appeal to all holidaymakers. Bungalow type accommodation and apart hotels are mostly located in the places we mentioned. In the center, there are hostels and everything else hotels. Datça hotels attract attention especially with their service quality. Whichever hotel you prefer, it is very difficult for you not to leave the hotels in Datça satisfied. To make a reservation for one of the most suitable Datça hotels, we recommend that you follow the Datça hotel deals on

Datça Hotel Deals

For every income level Datça hotel prices that appeal to you vary according to seasonal intensity and hotel facilities. Of course, you can find the best Datça hotel prices in May and October. June, July, August and holidays are the periods when Datça hotel prices are the highest. By following Datça hotel deals, you can have the chance to stay in the cheapest Datça hotels.

Places to Visit in Datça

The most important places to visit in Datça, Datça Knidos Ancient City and Deveboynu Lighthouse are located at the end. We can say that especially Deveboynu Lighthouse hosts a magnificent view. Old Datça is another must-see spot in Datça. There is even the house of Can Yücel here. Datça Windmills, bays and bends are other places to be seen in Datça.

Go to the Sea in Datça

There are many beaches where you can swim in Datça and located in the bay. Between Kumluk Beach, Hastanesiealtı Beach, Ovabükü, Hayıtbükü, Palamutbükü, Knidos Ancient City, Kızlanaltı Beach, Kızılbük beach and bays that you can reach.

Things to Do in Datça

The things you can say do not return without doing in Datça are as follows;

  • Be sure to take a boat tour.
  • Swim in bends.
  • Visit Knidos.
  • Deveboynu Lighthouse ' Watch the view from inside.
  • Sink the day in Windmills. 
  • Enjoy appetizers.
  • Explore the streets of Old Datça.
  • If you arrive in August, watch the Perseid Meteorite Rain.
  • Eat Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers.
  • Windsurf.
  • Snorkel.
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