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Kaş - About the Hotels

Kas promises a holiday where you can trace the Lycian Civilization, be enchanted by natural beauties and have fun with countless activities...

Kaş is one of the most different corners of Antalya. While it was once the most favorite city of the Lycian Period, today it has been transformed into a unique holiday resort in the footsteps of this civilization. An immense natural beauty prevails in Kas accompanying the artifacts from the Lycian period. Kas promises more than you expect from a holiday with its clean and clear sea, cute streets, fun life and plenty of activities. 

Kas is an ideal address for those who want a peaceful and lively holiday. In addition, if you want to take a cultural trip, you are again at the right place. Not to mention extreme sports. In addition to all of these, Kas will make you enjoy a wonderful holiday experience with its quality accommodation alternatives.

Where to Stay in Kas? Kaş Hotels 

Kaş hotels, which have numerous options, are mostly located in the center and on the Çukurbağ Peninsula. In the center, there are mostly small Kas hotels such as hostels and apart hotels. On the Cukurbag Peninsula, on the other hand, boutique hotels serving bed + breakfast, half-board and all-inclusive concepts are predominant. However, there are many villa rental options in Kalkan. By following the Kaş hotel deals on, you can get the chance to stay in one of the most suitable Kaş hotels.

Kaş Hotel Deals 

Kaş hotel prices that appeal to all budgets vary according to seasonal intensity and hotel facilities. While Kaş hotel prices in the center are a little more affordable, Kaş hotel prices in Çukurbag are slightly higher. To stay in one of the cheapest Kaş hotels, do not neglect to follow Kaş hotel deals.

Places to Visit in Kaş 

There are many places to visit in Kaş. The routes you can prioritize according to your holiday sequence are as follows; Kas Ancient Theater, Sunken City Kekova, Kaleköy, Patara Ancient City and Beach, Xanthos Ancient City Kaputaş Beach, Kalkan Town and Meis Island if you have a passport.

Places to Go to the Sea in Kas 

Kaş really hosts a magnificent sea. If we list the places where you need to swim in Kaş; Big Cakil Beach, Little Cakil Beach, Kalekoy, Limanagzi, Patara Beach, Hidayetin Bay and Kaputas Beach.

Things to Do in Kas 

The things you can say don't return without doing it in Kaş are as follows;

 ·  Be sure to swim at Kaputaş Beach.

 ·  Take a photo in Patara Sand Dunes.

 ·  Make the day come to Kas Antique Theater.

 ·  Kekova Explore the Sunken City and Kaleköy by seakayaing.

 · Be sure to dive. 

 ·  Experience the nightlife of Kaş.

 ·  Enjoy Mediterranean fish.

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