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Dikili Hotels

Dikili Hotels

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Dikili - About the Hotels

You can choose Dikili's charming atmosphere to enjoy the Aegean away from the crowd...

Izmir, Dikili hosts a magnificent view of Lesbos Island. Dikili, which has a very long history, is one of the favorite addresses of holiday lovers with its unique bays. The date of Dikili is BC. Since it goes back to 5000, there are many historical ruins in the region. Standing out with its enchanting blue sea and natural riches in recent years, Dikili is one of the only addresses for those who dream of a peaceful holiday.

Dikili Hotels

Dikili is for every taste and There is a budget-friendly accommodation alternative. There are many options from boutique hotels to bungalows, from standard hotels to holiday villages. Dikili hotels generally serve in a wide range of concepts from bed and breakfast to ultra all inclusive packages. Before making your reservation at one of the most suitable Dikili hotels, you can take a look at Dikili hotel deals on

Dikili Hotel Prices

Dikili Since there are so many hotel options in Dikili, hotel prices also vary as much. The factors that most affect Dikili hotel prices are the hotel's proximity to the sea, the services it provides and the quality of those services. Dikili hotel prices may also differ periodically. Especially in the summer months, with the opening of the holiday season, Dikili hotel prices may increase.

To stay in one of the cheapest Dikili hotels, you can follow Dikili hotel deals on

Places to Visit in Dikili

One of the most important places to visit in Dikili is Kalem Island in Bademli. After that; The ancient city of Pitane with its rich historical ruins, the Atatürk Botanical Garden, which is a pleasant and relaxing sightseeing point, Çandarlı Castle, which is the most visited historical structure of Dikili, Garip Island, one of the most curious spots of Dikili, and the Nebiler Waterfall, a magnificent natural beauty It is among the places to visit and see in Dikili.

Places to Go to the Sea in Dikili

Dikili has a total coastline of more than 40 km. Therefore, almost every part of the district is suitable for swimming. In Dikili, famous for its blue flag beaches; Pissa, Hayıtlı Bay, Zindancık, Kalem Island, Garip Island and Bademli are among the places where you can swim.

Things to do in Dikili

Without doing it in Dikili The things we can say don't return are as follows;

  • Enjoy the Aegean Sea in Dikili beaches.
  • Spend time in Dikili's famous mud baths.
  • Trekking in Nebiler Village.
  • Take advantage of the healing spas in the area.
  • Take a jeep safari tour in the Kemente Plateau.
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