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Related Person Application Form


This form will send your requests regarding your rights specified in Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law ("Law") to HotelForex Travel Turizm Tic. Ltd. Şti ("HotelForex" or "Company") in order for you to benefit from it.

You can send this form to our Company using the following methods:

1. By mail to the address stated below,

2. By using secure electronic signature or mobile signature,

3. Through a notary public,

4. To the e-mail address specified below, by using your e-mail address previously notified to us and registered in our system.

The contact information you can submit your application is listed below:

- E-Mail Address: [email protected]

- Company Address: Cevizli Mahallesi, Zuhal Caddesi, A6 Blok No: 46 D: 18 Ritim Maltepe / Istanbul

If you choose to send your application by e-mail, we kindly ask you to write the subject of the e-mail as "Related Person Application".

If you submit your application to our Company, we will finalize your application free of charge as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest. However, if the transaction requires an additional cost, we may request the fee in the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board ("Board"). In this case, we will be informing you about the fee that may be charged from you.

For your questions, you can contact us via [email protected] e-mail address.

In accordance with the Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles of Application to the Data Controller, it is mandatory to fill in the fields indicated with an asterisk ("*") in the application form.

1. Applicant

Please mark the relevant part in the left column of the table below regarding the applicant.

() I want to apply as a personal data owner contact person. (Please fill in only the sections related to your identity.)

() I want to apply on behalf of someone else. (Please fill in the sections regarding the person concerned and your own identity.)

2. Information on Related Person

Your Relationship with Our Company: ☐ Client ☐ Employee Candidate ☐ Employee ☐ Business Partner Employee ☐ Other ________

Name surname*:

T.R. Identity Number * (Nationality and Passport Number or Identity Number if foreign):

Date of birth:

Phone number*:

E-mail address*:

Fax Number:

Address * (Place of Residence or Business Address):

In order to determine the identity of the person concerned with personal data, a copy of one of the identification documents such as identity card, driver's license or passport must be attached to the application form.

Please indicate below the document you have attached to the application form for identification (if you prefer to send a copy of the identity card, we request you to submit only the front page copy).


3. Information on the Person Applying on Behalf of Someone else

If you want to make an application on behalf of someone else, you must submit documents showing that you are authorized to represent (such as a document showing that you are the parent / guardian of the person concerned, power of attorney) and documents identifying your identity, along with the application form, to our Company. These documents must be issued or approved by the competent authorities in order to be considered valid.

Please fill in the table below if you are applying on behalf of someone else (if you are applying on your behalf, do not fill in this part).

Relationship with the Data Owner:


Phone number:

E-mail address:

4. Right / Rights to be Used

Please tick the boxes on the right regarding the right (s) you want to use.

  1. I want to know whether my personal data has been processed.
  2. If my personal data is processed, I request information about these data processing activities.
  3. If my personal data are being processed, I would like to find out whether they are used in accordance with the purpose of processing and the purpose of processing.
  4. If my personal data is transferred to third parties at home or abroad, I want to know these third parties.
  5. I think my personal data is incomplete or incorrectly processed and I want them to be corrected.
  6. Although my personal data has been processed in accordance with the provisions of the law and other relevant laws, I want my personal data to be deleted or anonymized.
  7. I want my personal data, which I think to be processed incompletely and inaccurately, to be corrected by third parties to whom it was transferred.
  8. I want my personal data, which I request to be deleted or anonymized, to be deleted or anonymized by the transferred third parties.
  9. I request that my loss be compensated due to the illegal processing of my personal data.
  10. I want to withdraw the consent I have given for the processing of my personal data.

5. Explanations on the Demand

Please indicate your request under the Law and the personal data subject to your request in detail.



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