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Travel During Covid-19

In this pandemic period where our country and the world are going through a difficult period, HotelForex team is always by the side of visitors and hotel businesses. Incorporating many hotels that stand out with their superior hygiene facilities, HotelForex enables visitors to have the most enjoyable holiday in this difficult period.

Visitors, who are exempted from the curfew, can travel with their HES codes by private vehicles or by means of transport such as buses and planes after booking the hotel. In addition, citizens over the age of 65 can also issue a travel document and spend their holidays free of curfew.

Restaurants and restaurants at the hotels serve the visitors staying at the hotel, so the restaurant restriction during your stay does not affect the visitors.

Covid-19 Measures in Hotels

HotelForex has many hotels that observe a high level of hygiene and comply with Covid-19 standards. Although the measures taken by these hotels vary from hotel to hotel, they can generally be listed as follows:

While visitors are admitted to the facilities, they are informed about Covid-19.

  • Hotel rooms are carefully disinfected, ventilated after the visitors leave, and the necessary hygiene conditions are provided for the next visitor.
  • Hand sanitizer or antiseptic is available in different parts of the hotel facility, and hotel staff uses a disinfectant that neutralizes the virus during cleaning.
  • Sterilization of ventilation systems and derivative systems is done frequently.
  • If the hotel has a pool, the cleaning of the pool is provided to the maximum and frequent maintenance is done.
  • All kinds of tools and equipment in the kitchen of the facility are frequently cleaned and hygiene conditions are maximized.
  • The fire levels of visitors passing through the hotel entrances and frequently used crossing points in the hotel are measured with non-contact thermometers.
  • Social distance rule is observed in every part of the facility, visitors who do not obey the rule are warned and social distance is provided at every point.
  • In order to avoid crowding in closed areas, it can sometimes be taken to a limited number of visitors or personal areas, thus reducing the density.
  • The use of masks in the common areas of the facility is taken into consideration and the use of masks including the personnel is provided.
  • Covid-19 training is given to hotel staff.
  • Hotel staff are regularly checked for health.

Finally, before you travel, we recommend that you follow the official sources and create your travel plans based on these sources. You can get up-to-date information about Covid-19 and get information about current restrictions from the links below:

Ministry of Health:

Information on Travel Health:

World Health Organization (WHO):

Ministry of Culture and Tourism Communication Center:

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