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Turgutreis - About the Hotels


It is claimed that Turgut Reis, for whom he was named, was born in 1485 in the Karabakh neighborhood.

Although it had a more introverted economic structure due to the insufficient transportation conditions in the region during the period until the end of the 1960s, it has changed significantly after the tourism potential of the Bodrum Peninsula has begun to be discovered. By January 1996, when the Kardak Crisis broke out, Turkish warships were anchored off Kardak.

Turgutreis Hotels: Where to Stay in Turgutreis?

Turgutreis, which is one of the places that comes to mind when it comes to sea, sand, sun trio, also succeeds in giving people what they want in terms of accommodation. Unlike the previous periods, nowadays, when people want to have a vacation like their dreams, there are many different alternatives. Those who do not want to spend their time by examining each of these existing alternatives separately will now obtain the results they are looking for on more easily than ever before.

Turgutreis Hotel Deals

As it can be seen in the examinations to be made regarding the prices of the hotels in Turgutreis, which has a place among the holiday regions, hotel prices in the region vary depending on different reasons. Therefore, it is extremely important for those who want to spend their holiday in the region in an affordable way to do their research as much as possible in the previous periods. Those who will determine the date for the holiday will be able to see the best prices for the period they will visit and make their reservation when they visit

Turgutreis Attractions

With the region being known by more and more people every day, many people want to have information about the places to visit in the region.

Turgutreis Statue

He became one of the symbols of the town, as it took its name from the Ottoman sailor Turgut Reis. This statue, erected in the name of the seaman, is located in a dominant position over the Aegean from the western part of the peninsula.

Daily Boat Tours

Those who want to leave themselves to the most beautiful shades of blue when they come to Turgutreis may have the opportunity to explore the different bays in the region with the daily tours offered to the guests here.

Turgutreis Beach

Turgutreis Beach, one of the best beaches in the Bodrum Peninsula, is approximately 2 kilometers long. In addition to having a deep blue sea, the fact that there are many different touristic facilities in the region also allows people to spend their time here in a pleasant and enjoyable way.

Turgutreis Cuisine: What to Eat in Turgutreis?

As for Turgutreis, which fascinates those who see it with its sea and nature as well as its flavors, the tastes that should be tasted are;

  • Stuffed zucchini flowers
  • Bergamot Jam
  • Herb Roast
  • Ivy Roasted
  • Stuffed Mullet
  • Sour Bonito
  • Olive Oil Artichoke
  • Octopus Rice
  • Sour Peas

Shopping in Turgutreis: What to Buy from Turgutreis?

As can be seen during the trip to be made in Turgutreis, there are many gift shops in the region. In these shops, besides the magnets specific to the region, you can easily find ornaments made of glass, which are very carefully prepared. At the same time, one of the things that come to mind when Turgutreis is mentioned is Painter and Artists Street. In this street, which makes you feel the spirit of art to the bone, it is possible to find many different products such as magnets, lamps made of pumpkin, paintings by painters, especially magnets special to the Turgutreis region.

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