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Nevşehir - About the Hotels

An authentic point of discovery that makes you forget the concept of time; Nevşehir…

Nevşehir, a district of Niğde in the years when the Republic was proclaimed, gained the status of a province in 1954. Today, Nevşehir hosts a very mystical atmosphere with its fairy chimneys, mansions carved into the rocks, underground cities and church ruins, which are included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Nevşehir is home to Cappadocia , which is described as the "Land of Beautiful Horses". and it hosts foreign tourists. Located only 20 km away from tourism centers such as Ürgüp , Göreme and Avanos, Nevşehir has a great importance in terms of tourism in our country. One of our cities.

Where to Stay in Nevşehir? Nevşehir Hotels

In the light of all these, he can say that there is a significant increase in Nevşehir hotels with the increasing number of visitors. Nevşehir hotels, which are generally composed of facilities carved into the rocks, stand out with their authentic atmosphere and superior service quality. Nevşehir hotels, which usually consist of cave rooms, offer a very comfortable accommodation experience. You can take advantage of Nevşehir hotel deals on to stay in one of the most suitable Nevşehir hotels.

Nevşehir Hotel Deals

Nevşehir is almost four seasons. A place that welcomes visitors throughout. This authentic city is beautiful both in summer and in winter. Therefore, Nevşehir hotel prices progress in the same course throughout the year. Both economical and quite expensive options are available at Nevşehir hotel prices. While the prices of Nevşehir hotels with luxury cave rooms can be quite high, there are also affordable Nevşehir hotel prices with cave rooms at more intermediate levels but without compromising on quality. You can follow Nevşehir hotel deals to take advantage of the cheapest Nevşehir hotel prices.

Places to Visit in Nevşehir

Nevşehir has numerous places to visit and see. Attracting attention with the ruins of churches and monasteries, Göreme Open Air Museum is one of these places. Located among the longest valleys of Cappadocia, Güvercinlik Valley , a magnificent 8-storey building Derinkuyu Underground City , Özkonak Underground City Nevşehir 'in Avanos are some of the places to be visited.

Besides all these; Kaymaklı Underground City and Hacı Baktaş-i Veli Museum are also places that should be included in your list of places to visit in Nevşehir.

Things to do in Nevşehir

The things that we can say don't return without doing it in Nevşehir are as follows;

  • Take a balloon tour, the most famous activity in Cappadocia.
  • Take a Jeep Safari Tour through the fairy chimneys.
  • Eat the famous kebab of Cappadocia.
  • Taste the famous wines of Cappadocia
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