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Çanakkale Merkez - About the Hotels

Çanakkale Central Hotels

If you want to feel the historical texture and visit the most beautiful places of Çanakkale, you should prepare a trip plan to Çanakkale as soon as possible.

Çanakkale; It is a city located in the northwest of Anatolian lands and attracts attention with its deep-rooted history. Çanakkale, which acts as a bridge connecting the continents of Europe and Asia, has hosted many civilizations throughout its history. The city, which was the scene of the Çanakkale War between the Ottoman Empire and the Entente States, is highly developed in terms of tourism. With this struggle, which was carried out on Gallipoli Peninsula between 1915-1916, Turkish victory is in history. It has become important. The most important issue for people who want to visit Çanakkale from a touristic point of view is accommodation.

Well, in which hotels can you stay on your trip to Çanakkale center? You may be wondering about Çanakkale hotels and Çanakkale hotel prices. Now let's examine the most suitable hotels in Çanakkale center.

Çanakkale Centrum Hotels: Where to Stay in Çanakkale Center?

It has a very important place in Turkish history. Çanakkale central hotels have developed just like tourism. In Çanakkale, where you will feel the texture of history to the full, you can choose from Çanakkale center hotels and stay in the best way. By doing a detailed research on the most suitable hotels in Çanakkale center, you can have detailed information on this subject and find the most suitable Çanakkale center hotels.

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Places to Visit in Çanakkale Center

There are special places you can visit in Çanakkale center. We have compiled these places below for you!

Kale-i Sultaniye: The castle, which is located right on the edge of the Dardanelles and can also be called Çimenlik Castle, Fatih Built as a result of the conquest of Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet.

Çanakkale Naval Museum: Canakkale naval Museum which is one of Turkey's largest and most beautiful marine museum; It is a museum where objects and documents related to maritime history are exhibited. There are historical boats, wooden and stone artifacts and paper artifacts.

Çanakkale Clock Tower: It is a 5-storey tower built by Sancakbeyi Cemil Pasha in 1896 in order to cover the fee of Vitalis Gapriorele. . The Clock Tower has become the symbol of the city center.

Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park: The national park in the south of Çanakkale is located where the city's monument is located. There are graves and memorials of more than 250 thousand martyrs in the park.

Çanakkale Cuisine: What to Eat in Çanakkale Center?

We have compiled the tastes you can discover in Çanakkale center. ! Here are the flavors you can taste in Çanakkale center!

  • Scrub soup
  • Tumbi
  • Whisk
  • Melki
  • Cowpea patties
  • Eggplant closure
  • Salted sardine
  • Lakerda
  • Fish paste
  • Çiroz
  • Stuffed mussels
  • Marine anchovy
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