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Çanakkale - About the Hotels

Çanakkale, which made its name written in world history with the victory of 18 March 1915, is one of the most special cities of our country…

Every nook and cranny smells history, in 1915 its name was written in gold letters in the history of our country. Çanakkale arouses completely different feelings in one's heart. This beautiful city, which still carries the traces of the Çanakkale War, is like an open-air museum with its ruins, monuments and museums from those times. Çanakkale, which is not only the history of our country, but also the history of the world, is a very special city with its location that connects Asia and Europe.

Çanakkale, which hosted the State of Troy long ago, is a wonderful one. It also draws attention with its bays. Gallipoli Peninsula especially; Ayvacık, Bozcaada , Gökçeada, Eceabat and Biga , Çanakkale is also one of the most ideal holiday destinations of our country. In this sense, we can say that Çanakkale hosts many accommodation alternatives.

Where to stay in Çanakkale? Çanakkale Hotels

Çanakkale hotels, with many options, are located both in the city center and close to the seaside. Çanakkale hotels, which generally serve in the concept of bed and breakfast, have numerous options for your summer vacation. To choose one of the best Çanakkale hotels for you, you can check the Çanakkale hotel deals at Hotelforex.com.

Çanakkale Hotel Deals

We can say that it appeals. Çanakkale hosts many holiday resorts. Therefore, it is worth noting that in the summer months, the prices of Çanakkale hotels in these regions increased slightly. However, if you want to book one of the cheapest Çanakkale hotels, you can follow Çanakkale hotel deals.

Places to Visit in Çanakkale

There are numerous places to visit in Çanakkale. . First of all, the first place to be seen in Çanakkale should be Gelibolu Peninsula . You have to spend at least 1 day on Gelibolu Peninsula, which is full of monuments and martyrdoms. Then, one of the most famous ancient settlements in the world, the ancient city of Troy, Çanakkale Martyrs Monument , which gives goosebumps even when viewed from a distance, Çanakkale Archeology Museum, Çanakkale Clock Tower , built in 1896, and Aynalı Bazaar , which has a long history, are among the places to visit in Çanakkale.

Places to Go to the Sea in Çanakkale

There are many places where you can swim in Çanakkale. These; Anzac Bay, Dardanos Beach, Gelibolu Beach and Kilitbahir Beach.

Things to Do in Çanakkale

Here are the things that we can say do not return without doing in Çanakkale;

· Explore Gallipoli Peninsula.

Make sure to eat cheese halva.

· Trekking in the Mount Ida.

· Enjoy the sea and the sun.

· Explore the historical buildings in the city center.

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