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We Redefine Hotel Booking Culture

Who are we?

HotelForex; It is an innovative online travel platform that adapts the habit of bargaining in our culture to the tourism sector, allowing hoteliers and customers to negotiate and meet on a common ground. HotelForex is an online travel agency, whose founders come from the hotel industry, adapted to technological developments in today's globalizing world, and handles the online hotel reservation industry with an innovative perspective. It was established in 2018 in Delaware, Wilmington, USA in order to take the online hotel reservation system to the next level with its professional, dynamic and experienced staff from the hospitality industry. Hotelforex head office is located in Istanbul, since its establishment, Turkey has managed to serve in almost every region of the country has brought a new breath to the hospitality industry in general. Turkey's most prestigious start-up programs from the field hotelforex degree, almost every country in the development and start-ups that are accepted into the program Endeavor scaleup investment opportunity that offers the program on "travel industry" is one of the initiatives.

What we do?

Today, many online travel sites are prepared with the agency culture and the agency's perspective. However, the structure of tourism has now changed; There was a transition from mass tourism to individual tourism. Of course, this process requires a more dynamic understanding of tourism. At this point, HotelForex brings a new breath to the sector and fills an important gap with its professional founders and experienced staff. It allows the hotel and the customer to negotiate directly, without any intermediaries, by putting the hotelier's and end-user's expectations and perspectives into focus. Prices at HotelForex vary instantly according to demand and supply. The end user can set the price they want with discounts of up to 30%. In this way, HotelForex opens new opportunities for both hotels and end users with its unique business model, by closing the era of making reservations for a single price by the end users and enabling the hoteliers to make use of their vacant rooms.

Our difference

HotelForex is a hotel exchange that brings together the customer and the hotel on a common ground. It allows the customer to negotiate with the hotel they want and accommodate them at an affordable price, while allowing the hotel to evaluate their free rooms. Just like on a stock market screen, hotel prices change instantly according to demand and supply. The customer determines the price himself. The hotelier also approves the discounted price suitable for him according to the room availability. This process creates a bargaining model where both the customer and the hotelier win. HotelForex eliminates the problems of the sector on the accommodation side and provides wonderful hotels and unique experiences to holiday lovers. Serving in 3 different languages, the platform is always with you with its customer support and makes accommodation easier for both visitors and hotel operators.

Our Mission

HotelForex's mission is; To find solutions to the problems of the hoteliers with this innovative business model and to meet the expectations of the customer and to bring the hoteliers and their customers together at the optimum price. HotelForex; It puts the hoteliers and their customers in focus by eliminating the intermediaries.

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