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Yalova - About the Hotels

Yalova, one of the most famous cities of Marmara, also draws attention with its healing hot springs.

Yalova, one of the most famous holiday regions of the Marmara Region, is Istanbul It is one of the favorite addresses of weekend holidays with its location close to. Cinarcik , Armutlu, Çiftlikköy, thermal and Altınova as towns hosting Yalova, Turkey is also one of the most important thermal cities. Offering different alternatives throughout all four seasons, Yalova is also home to many places to visit.

Yalova Hotels

There are numerous hotel options in Yalova. There are dozens of facility options both in the city center and in the surrounding districts. Yalova thermal hotels are the most striking ones in Yalova hotels. You can stay in one of the Yalova hotels suitable for your holiday concept with peace of mind. Yalova hotels, located in districts such as Çınarcık and Armutlu , mostly serve during the summer months. City hotels provide service for 4 seasons.

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Yalova Hotel Prices

Yalova hotel prices appeal to every budget. Usually a slight increase observed at Yalova hotel deals in the summer, prices will hurt holidaymakers levels compared to the average of Turkey. Of course, the prices of some luxury thermal hotels can be high. However, in general, we can say that Yalova hotel prices are quite affordable all year round.

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Yalova Places to Visit in Yalova

At the beginning of the places to visit in Yalova is Walking Mansion, which Atatürk shifted to prevent a tree being cut. Karaca Arboretum containing thousands of plant species, Sudüşen Waterfall in Termal district, Black Church dating from the Byzantine period, famous for its beaches and nightlife Cinarcik dazzling with its untouched nature Erikli Plateau is among the places to visit in Yalova.

Things to do in Yalova

The things we can say do not return without doing in Yalova are as follows;

  • Take advantage of the healing waters at Armutlu Hot Springs.
  • Go hiking in Erikli Plateau.
  • China Go into the sea at the furrow beaches.
  • Do not return without seeing the Walking Mansion.
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