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The district with rivers flowing in it; Taşova…

Amasya Taşova, the fourth district, is a small area where all avenues and streets intersect, green areas and rivers. Taşova, which has both historical and natural beauties, has hosted the civilization where the Hittites lived for a long time and left many works. Taşova, which contains many rivers and waterfalls, also includes Yeşilırmak, which creates a magnificent beauty with its green environment covered with trees. If you want to visit Taşova, which has natural and historical beauties together in the near future, we have prepared for you We recommend you to take a look at the Tasova travel guide.

Tasova Hotels: Where to Stay in Tasova?

Taşova, which is very easily accessible, is 55 km away from Amasya city center. Taşova and its surroundings are full of peaceful accommodation options that can meet all your needs. During your stay in Taşova hotels, you can also have the chance to discover the most beautiful places of the district. You can also stay in hotels, hostels or boutique hotels located in the city center, as it is very close to the city center. You can come to Taşova from Amasya in about 1 hour with your private vehicle or shuttle services. If you are looking for a place full of both historical and natural beauties to explore, you can check the Taşova hotel deals on HotelForex.com and bargain with hotels before booking one of the most suitable Taşova hotels.

Tasova Hotel Deals

In Tasova you can find hotels that appeal to every income level, as well as many affordable hotels around Tasova. exist. Although hotel prices vary based on location, they can also change according to the factors that affect the most. You can follow Kocaeli hotel deals on HotelForex.com and negotiate with hotels to choose the hotel that suits you best.

Tasova Attractions

You should see many places to visit in Taşova, which is full of historical buildings and natural beauty from the Hittites.

Yeşilova: You should stop by Yeşilova while you are in Taşova district of Amasya. You can explore the natural and cultural beauties of Yeşilırmak with your family with a boat ride. You can take a boat trip on Yeşilırmak to see the historical castle, Kralkaya Tombs of the Kings of Mitridat, historical city walls and bridges, Ottoman houses, night lighting more closely, and you can go on a historical journey with your family while exploring nature.

Lake Borabay: Lake Borabay, which is 15 km away from the district center, is a formation with a depth of 25 meters. You can have a picnic and a walk on the shore of this lake, which is declared a tourism center. You can visit the lake by boat. There are bungalow houses, casinos, cafes, restaurants and similar businesses around Lake Borabay. It is very suitable for you to have a pleasant time with the lake view. Baraklı Castle: 2 km from the town center. Baraklı Castle, which is at a distance, is in the south of Özbaraklı Town. It is in a place called the castle hill. It is estimated that the castle was built during the Roman period to protect the caravans passing here. Today, the watchtower and city walls are still standing. You can visit Baraklı Castle to get a historical feel.

Baraklı Waterfall: Baraklı Waterfall, which is also preferred by locals especially in summer you should see. There is a small facility around the waterfall to come together with different shades of green and plenty of oxygen. In addition, tables and chairs are placed around the waterfall, allowing visitors to have a picnic.

Tasova Cuisine: What to Eat in Tasova?

You can try tastes of Tasova cuisine in restaurants run by local people.

· Support yogurt

· Yogurt tarhana

· Okra

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