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Taksim - About the Hotels


Istanbul Taksim, one of the most preferred meeting points of the European side, is the center of attention for foreigners with its crowded and lively structure.

This is where its historical texture cheers your eyes. The place is ready to offer an incredibly fun experience for your vacation. If you have a mind to come here, you don't even need to think twice. In Taksim, where you can organize a different event at any time of the day, you will be surprised to see people with different identities, from the music of street artists to the hectic rush of the employees, to meet at the same point. Social activities of this place, which we can describe as the heart of the city, will give you fun and peace. If you want to host and visit this place where the heart of Istanbul beats, continue reading our article. With our article, you can visit this place more comfortably and decide where you need to visit during your holiday.

Taksim Hotels: Where to Stay in Taksim?

You will want to visit Taksim district. You will need a place to stay to see the cities and places. It is quite possible to find a hotel that suits your budget and your comfortable understanding. It is not that difficult to find a hotel that appeals to every comfort and budget. You may want to stay in one of these hotels and visit Taksim as you wish. Before making a reservation at one of the most suitable Taksim hotels, you can check Taksim hotel prices and talk to the hotels on

Taksim Affordable Hotel Deals

Taksim hotel prices are definitely suitable for your pocket. We can say that the most important factors affecting Taksim hotel prices are the location, facilities and service quality of the hotel. For this reason, it is possible to find a hotel suitable for your budget in Taksim. If you want to take advantage of the most affordable Taksim hotel prices, you can follow the Taksim hotel prices on and talk to the hotels.

Places to visit in Taksim

Historical and There are many places to visit in Taksim, where its cultural texture adds many differences. You cannot visit Taksim without visiting each of these places. If you want to know where to start exploring Taksim, keep browsing.

Taksim Square: Being a very cosmopolitan area, Taksim Square combines commerce, entertainment and shopping in the same area. Start your journey towards Tunnel by taking the nostalgic tram. Nostalgic tram; Starting from Istiklal Caddesi, Taksim proceeds down the main street that connects Beyoğlu and Tünel square. When you get on the tram, you can get off at different points along the route; However, it is recommended to go to the end and walk towards your starting point after getting off.

Taksim Gezi Park: After a miniature park, right in the middle of Taksim, You can move on to Gezi Park, a full-size city park. Providing a nice contrast in Istanbul, where concrete piles are increasing gradually, this park is an important area in Taksim, which offers limited green space. You can take a pleasant walk in Taksim Gezi Park, relax on a sunny day or go for an energetic run.

Miniatürk: Miniatürk, a miniature park located in the Golden Horn district of Beyoğlu district, has a total of 60,000 It spreads over an area of square meters. The park, one of the largest Minyatürk parks in the world; the monument has become symbolic structures is filled with miniature human figures and buildings. Miniatürk trip promises an enjoyable journey for both adults and children.

Taksim Cuisine: What to Eat in Taksim?

Taksim's tastes are worth visiting here. value is flavors. It is useful to try these flavors that you can easily taste from the restaurants and restaurants around. If you want to taste the delicious flavors of this place, let's list these flavors as follows;

  • Duck Tirit
  • Fried Pumpkin
  • Katmer
  • Körili Mantı

Shopping in Taksim: What to Buy in Taksim?

In memory of your return Taksim. You may want to leave. If you want to buy souvenirs in this district, you should shop from local dealers and shops. To decorate your home with souvenirs, we recommend you to shop from the dealers and take advantage of local products.

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