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Şişli - About the Hotels

Şişli Hotels

Would you like to stay in Şişli, one of the most distinguished districts of Istanbul?

Istanbul, helps individuals to meet their various needs in terms of accommodation. is happening. It is known that the first settlement in the district started in the Kurtuluş neighborhood, which is known as the oldest district of the region. It is among the known facts that the craftsmen who were captured from the islands in the Mediterranean and Aegean during the sea conquests in the 16th century were in Şişli. With the growth of the Haliç Shipyard, the race of the working people in the region has also expanded, and since then, both local and foreign tourists have been flocking. You can make your own choice among the Şişli hotels, which offer an important accommodation opportunity for people who will stay in Istanbul for various purposes and make your Istanbul holiday perfect.

Spending a great time in Şişli and opening the door to an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones How would you like to research Şişli hotels on behalf of? So let's see what awaits you in Şişli!

Şişli Hotels: Where to Stay in Şişli?

One of the most developed districts of Istanbul Şişli has a very rich structure in terms of hotels. In this context, there are hotel types operating both as a boutique and in a luxurious way in the district where it is extremely simple to find a hotel. While it is known that hotels are able to produce solutions for almost every need in terms of comfort and facilities, their quality standards are also at serious levels. You, too, can find a very impressive and perfect accommodation opportunity in Şişli through hotelforex.com. For detailed information about the most suitable hotel in Şişli, you should definitely visit hotelforex.com.

Şişli Hotel Deals

We can guess how difficult you are when choosing among Şişli hotels. However, you should not forget that you should also consider Şişli hotel prices while making your choice in this regard. In Şişli, you can find very luxurious and high-priced hotels as well as take advantage of affordable options. By examining Hotelfotex.com in detail, you can have the most detailed information about hotels and choose among the most suitable Şişli hotels.

Places to Visit in Şişli

Şişli is one of the districts that attract attention with its valuable sightseeing areas. In this sense, you should definitely visit the following places during your trip to Şişli.

Atatürk Museum: The Atatürk Museum, located in Şişli, is a museum that can be visited between 09.00 and 16.00 hours, except Mondays. The first floor of the Atatürk Museum, which is also a 3-storey building, is generally the floor where Atatürk's documents and photographs are located. On the second floor of the building, there are photographs and documents about Atatürk's death, and Atatürk's books and photographs are on the last floor.

Maçka Democracy Park: Harbiye Congress Valley is among the places to visit in Şişli. Macka Democracy Park, a park with abundant greenery, draws attention with its naturalness.

Military Museum: The museum, which is called the Harbiye Military Museum, is located in the Harbiye district of Şişli. It has a rich military collection.

Şişli Cuisine: What to Eat in Şişli?

In addition to being one of the important districts of Istanbul, Şişli is also draws attention. Here are the flavors you can discover in Şişli!

  • Kayseri Ravioli
  • Adana Kebap
  • Minced-Meat Pide
  • Fish
  • Meatball and Grill
  • Bosnian Pastry
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