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Sirkeci - About the Hotels


The district, which is a part of the Historical Peninsula, has been one of the most active centers of the city for centuries.

Sirkeci is located on the Historical Peninsula, the oldest settlement in the city. Sirkeci, located in the region where the Golden Horn meets the Marmara Sea, is located in the west, Sarayburnu in the east and Cağaloğlu district. Sirkeci's most important point is Sirkeci Station, its main street Ankara Street. Ragıp Gümüşpala Street and Kennedy Boulevard are connected to each other in Sirkeci along the coast. Istanbul with the Eurasia Tunnel that connects the Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul and the Marmaray, which also passes under the sea. 39; passing through Sirkeci makes the district an important transportation junction in Istanbul.

Sirkeci Hotels: Where to stay in Sirkeci?

You will need a place to stay in order to see the cities and places you want to visit in Sirkeci district. It is quite possible to find a hotel that suits your budget and your comfortable understanding. It is not that difficult to find a hotel that appeals to every comfort and budget. You may want to stay in one of these hotels and visit Sirkeci as you wish. Before making a reservation in one of the most suitable Sirkeci hotels, you can check Sirkeci hotel prices at and talk to the hotels.

Sirkeci Hotel Deals

Sirkeci hotel prices are definitely in your pocket. appropriate. We can say that the most important factors affecting Sirkeci hotel prices are the location, facilities and service quality of the hotel. For this reason, it is possible to find a hotel suitable for your budget in Sirkeci. If you want to take advantage of the best Sirkeci hotel prices, you can follow the Sirkeci hotel prices on and talk to the hotels.

Sirkeci Attractions

There are many places to visit in Sirkeci, where it makes a difference. You cannot visit Sirkeci without visiting each of these places. If you want to know where to start exploring Sirkeci, keep browsing.

Sirkeci Train Station: Sirkeci Train Station is one of the main train stations in Istanbul. Between the years 1888-1890 II. The station built by Abdülhamit is one of the symbolic structures of Istanbul. The building, which has an orientalist style, was designed by German architect August Jachmund due to the fact that Istanbul is at the intersection of West and East. Sirkeci Station, designed to serve passengers coming to Istanbul from Europe on the Eastern Express, became one of the two main stations of the State Railways in Istanbul.

Istanbul Railways Museum: It is located in Sirkeci Train Station. The museum, which was designed to transfer the history and development of railway usage to future generations in our country, was opened in 2005 and the documents, documents, maps, plans, projects and materials of the Eastern Express are exhibited in the museum. The museum, where nearly 300 works are located, is the best address to take a closer look at the history of our country's railways. Historical materials used in train stations and train toll booths are worth seeing.

Turkey İş Bank Museum: From the Job Bank institution should establish its own history, since Turkey. In addition to the economic development as witnessing a magnificent museum. The ground floor of the historical building, which was used as a PTT building in the past, was designed as an exhibition area with its counter and safes, completely suitable for the use of the bank branch. Three-dimensional objects collected from İşbank branches and become an integral part of the daily life of the bank, as well as paper and visual materials in the bank's archive are displayed. You can also see early computers and typewriters, calculators, hidden safes, coins, piggy banks, and banking-related advertising posters and promotions.

Sirkeci Cuisine: What to Eat in Sirkeci?

It is very possible to taste the delicious flavors of Istanbul cuisine in Aksaray. It would not be right to leave the city without tasting these flavors. We can list the flavors of Aksaray for you as follows;

  • Ayvalı Stew
  • Kibbeh
  • Leaf Liver

Shopping in Sirkeci: What to Buy in Sirkeci?

You may want to leave Sirkeci in memory of your return. If you want to buy souvenirs in this district, you should shop from local dealers and shops. To decorate your home with souvenirs, we recommend you to shop from the dealers and take advantage of local products.

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