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Sakarya - About the Hotels

Sakarya, which hosts many visitors with its proximity to Istanbul and Ankara, attracts attention especially with its natural beauties...

Sakarya is located in Çatalca-Kocaeli part of the Marmara Region. Is located very close to Istanbul and Ankara. Sakarya, which is seen as the escape point of these two big cities due to this feature, draws attention with its peaceful atmosphere and natural beauties. In particular, restful weekend turnout of those who want to spend Sakarya, Turkey's second longest beach, which is known to host the Karasu Beach. Sakarya, which has 16 districts, has the Black Sea in the north, Kocaeli and Bursa in the west, Düzce in the east, Bilecik in the south and Bolu in the southeast. If you are planning a trip to Sakarya in the near future, we strongly recommend you to review the Sakarya travel guide we have prepared for you.

Sakarya Hotels: Where to Stay in Sakarya?

Sakarya has a high tourism potential due to its natural beauties, and there are many alternatives for accommodation. Providing service both in the surrounding districts and in the city center, Sakarya hotels offer a wide variety of options from five-star hotels to holiday villages, pensions and luxury accommodation options. We can say that most of Sakarya central hotels are located in Adapazarı district. However, those who want to stay in facilities with more standard hotel features can also choose Sakarya central hotels. There are also Sakarya hotels for those who want to spend time alone with nature. Before you decide on one of the most suitable Sakarya hotels, we recommend you to review the Sakarya hotel deals on

Sakarya Hotel Deals

Offering accommodation alternatives, Sakarya hotel prices can also appeal to all income levels. With the increasing demand generally in the summer and spring months, an increase can be observed in Sakarya hotel prices. In general, we can say that the factors that affect Sakarya hotel prices the most are the seasonal density, the location of the hotel and the facilities offered. In order to take advantage of the most suitable Sakarya hotel prices, you can check the Sakarya hotel deals on and start bargaining with the hotels.

Sakarya Attractions

Although small and Although it is a peaceful city, there are many places we recommend you to visit when you come to Sakarya. Also start your trip without looking at the list of places to visit in Sakarya we have prepared for you.

Karasu Beach

With the 15 km length of Turkey's second longest beach is characterized Karasu Beach is located in Sakarya's Karasu district. The beach, which can be reached in about 2 hours from the center of Sakarya, is frequently visited by Istanbul residents during the summer months. Black Sea beaches bordering at times we say has to be careful as they can occur high waves.

Acer are Löngöz

The largest swamp forest is located in one piece, Turkey Acarlar Longozu, which has the distinction of being, is one of the frequent destinations of nature lovers. The approximate length of the forest with a width of 250-1250 meters is 7.5 km. Acarlar Longozu is one of Sakarya's natural wonders worth seeing.

Sapanca Lake

Sakarya's Sapanca Sapanca Lake is located in the town, one of Turkey's most famous lake. The average depth of the lake, which is approximately 16 km in length and 42 km2 in area, is 30 meters. Sapanca Lake, whose deepest point is 61 meters, is home to a stunning nature. There are areas suitable for camping and picnics around the lake.

Sakarya Museum

Also known as Atatürk House, the Sakarya Museum met and accommodated Atatürk's mother in 1922. was used as a house. The building, which was heavily damaged after the 1999 earthquake, was restored and opened as a museum for the second time in 2003. At the Sakarya Museum, architectural pieces from the Roman and Byzantine periods, archaeological artifacts, ethnographic artifacts from the Ottoman and Republic periods are exhibited.

Justinianus Bridge

Also as Beşköprü Known Justinianus Bridge is one of Sakarya's must-see historical buildings. Located in the Serdivan district of Sakarya, the bridge was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinianus in M.S. It was built between the years 558-560. You can visit the bridge, which is 365 meters long, during your visit to Sakarya.

Sakarya Cuisine: What to Eat in Sakarya?

Sakarya cuisine, from the Caucasus and the Balkans to Sakarya. We can say that it bears the traces of the migration that took place. In addition to the effects of migration, we can list the tastes you should try in Sakarya, which carries the traces of the Black Sea cuisine:

  • Islama Köfte
  • Keşkek
  • Darts Keskek
  • Circassian Chicken
  • Anchovy Rice
  • Cabbage Boiled 
  • Kuymak
  • Black Sea Anchovy

Shopping in Sakarya: What to Buy in Sakarya

Traditional in Sakarya You can choose Uzun Çarşı for shopping.You can find dry coffee, sweets, copper products and herbalists in Uzun Çarşı, a historical bazaar of about 150 years. You can also buy handicraft walking sticks unique to Sakarya for your loved ones. You can find these walking sticks in Kayalar Mehduhiye Village.

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