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Museums , monumental structures, smells Sahinbey almost date with castle ruins...

One of the largest cities in Sahinbey Turkey Gaziantep It is one of the three central districts of the province. The district's population is about 906 thousand Sahinbey Turkey and 3rd largest county. Şahinbey's name is derived from Şahin Bey, who showed an incredible example of courage during the War of Independence, challenged the French invasion and sacrificed himself for our country. Since Şahinbey is a metropolitan district, it attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Şahinbey Hotels

Sense of hospitality is more advanced in some provinces of Turkey in Sahinbey hotel services at a very advanced level. According to the Center for a district where a district's average hotel options in Turkey much more convenience. Among these hotel options, there are many varieties from luxurious hotels that provide high-level services to hotels that do not provide every service but are affordable. You can find the right hotel for you by checking hotelforex.com.

Şahinbey Hotel Prices

In crowded metropolitan areas, the price of each service is often high. Şahinbey is a district metropolis in itself, and on top of that, it is close to a big city like Gaziantep. For these reasons, Şahinbey hotel prices can often be high. Of course, seasonal changes and the services provided by the hotel you choose will be among the major factors affecting the price. In order to find the best accommodation option at the best prices, we recommend you to choose the hotel you will be staying at on hotelforex.com and negotiate with the hotel of your choice online from your computer or phone. So you can get the best service at a good price.

Places to See in Şahinbey

When staying in Şahinbey district Gaziantep. You can go to the central parts of the city and visit many different places, but there are many touristic places that can be seen within the boundaries of the district. We have prepared for you the places you can visit and see when you go to Şahinbey.

Burç Ormanları: The Burç Forests, located right next to the district, offers recreational areas for visitors with a width of 350 hectares. Here, you can have a picnic with your family and friends in nature or do sports activities. In addition, the tranquility of taking a walk in the forest is the kind that visitors should definitely taste.

Gaziantep Castle: It is believed that this castle, which is not known exactly when and by whom, was built as a watchtower in Roman times and later turned into a castle. According to the inscription on the main door of this castle, which attracts the attention of visitors, the castle was repaired during the reign of Kanuni, and many visitors flock to Gaziantep Castle, which is a touristic area today.

Gaziantep Zoo: One of the places that can be visited when going to Şahinbey is Gaziantep Zoo. Although it is not unique to Şahinbey as a concept, reaching it through Burç Forests makes this zoo worth visiting. When you get out of the forests, you can come here and observe many different animal species.

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