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Maltepe - About the Hotels

Maltepe Hotels

Staying at one of Maltepe hotels and Istanbul If you want to make your trip perfect, you are at the right address!

Maltepe is one of the most important districts of the Marmara Region. one of them is located in Istanbul Anatolian Side. Ataşehir, Kartal and Kadıköy, Maltepe, Istanbul It is among the largest of the 39 districts in Turkey. The history of Maltepe, which comes across with the Byzantine Empire when its history is examined, dates back to the 16th century. According to a claim, it is thought that these lands spread around during the Palekanon War. Maltepe, which is the 10th district of Istanbul in terms of population, is highly developed in terms of historical and natural places.

If you want to spend a great time in Maltepe and spend an unforgettable day with your loved ones, what would you say to research Maltepe hotels? So let's see what awaits you in Maltepe!

Maltepe Hotels: Where to Stay in Maltepe?

One of the most developed districts of Istanbul Maltepe has a very rich structure in terms of hotels. In this context, there are hotel types operating both as a boutique and in a luxurious way in the district where it is extremely simple to find a hotel. While it is known that hotels are able to produce solutions for almost every need in terms of comfort and facilities, their quality standards are also at serious levels. You, too, can find a very impressive and perfect accommodation in Maltepe through For detailed information about the most suitable hotel in Maltepe, you should definitely visit

Maltepe Hotel Deals

We can guess how difficult you are when choosing among Maltepe hotels. However, you should remember that you should also consider Maltepe hotel prices while making your choice in this regard. You can find very luxurious and high-priced hotels in Maltepe as well as take advantage of affordable options. By examining in detail, you can have the most detailed information about hotels and choose among the most suitable Maltepe hotels.

Places to Visit in Maltepe

Maltepe is one of the districts that attract attention with its valuable sightseeing areas. In this sense, you should definitely visit the following venues during your Maltepe trip.

Hilltown AVM: Located in Aydınlıkevler District, Hilltown Shopping Center is among the largest shopping malls in Maltepe.

Maltepe Piazza: Maltepe Piazza is located in the Cevizli district of Maltepe and is one of the largest shopping malls in the district.

Maltepe Park AVM: Maltepe Park AVM, another shopping center in the district, is a shopping center that offers highly developed opportunities in terms of shopping and dining.

Arkeopark: Maltepe Archeopark in its district is one of the historical areas and is a highly preferred place. Activities such as bazaar, concert, iftar dinner and cinema are organized in the archeopark, which was a monastery in the Byzantine period.

Maltepe Cuisine: What to Eat in Maltepe?

Besides being one of the most important and most beautiful districts of Istanbul, Maltepe also attracts attention with its cuisine. Here are the flavors you can discover in Maltepe!

  • Kayseri Ravioli
  • Adana Kebap
  • Minced-Meat Pide
  • Fish
  • Meatballs and Grills
  • Bosnian Borek
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