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Kartal - About the Hotels


Istanbul unforgettable moments in Kartal, one of the most magnificent districts of Istanbul. How would you like to live?

Kartal, which is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul and is located next to the Marmara Sea, and its potential It is a very important place. The declaration of Istanbul as the capital by the most important civilizations of the world has caused a serious wealth to emerge in Kartal as well. It can be said that there are many valuable cultural and modern buildings in Kartal, where Dragos Stream and Hill are located, indicating important agreements and boundaries in history. Would you like to have wonderful moments in Kartal, which has been heavily influenced throughout the year for different reasons such as touristic trips, business trips and relatives visits? Then check out this guide we have prepared for you in detail and find out what awaits you.

Kartal Hotels: Where to Stay in Kartal?

As one of the individuals who want to stay temporarily in Kartal, would you like your travel to be comfortable and luxurious? Thanks to the special Kartal hotels, you can meet your search for luxury and comfort, while also taking advantage of affordable accommodation options. In the district, where human mobility is at very serious levels, we can say that this mobility indirectly leads to hotel diversity. If you want to make your choice among Kartal hotels by taking advantage of this diversity, we definitely recommend you to experience hotelforex.com privileges.

Kartal Hotel Deals

If you do not know how to choose your hotel when you want to stay in Kartal, you can choose based on prices, comfort and location. In this way, if you want to travel, you can choose a hotel close to the center, or if your budget is limited, you can take advantage of options that will satisfy you in this sense. The fact that the hotels in Kartal respond to customer expectations in every aspect, and that the quality is at almost similar standards offers great privileges for you. Make your choice considering the Kartal hotel prices in order to have an unforgettable accommodation experience with your family, friends or spouse. Moreover, in order to avoid any problems, take advantage of hotelforex.com privileges and have the opportunity to bargain!

Kartal Attractions

How about learning what you can discover in this important district by preparing your list of places to visit in Kartal? Then take a look at the list we have created for you below!

Dragos Hill: Istanbul  Islands, the answer would undoubtedly be Dragos Hill. We recommend that you do not return from Kartal without seeing this hill, which is located in the district of Kartal and which many travelers want to see. The social facilities here really allow you to enjoy remarkable advantages.  

Can Geyran Sea Shells Museum:  In this special museum made of seashells, you will be able to discover seashells that are precious in terms of both shape and color. This museum, which is located in the district of Dragos and allows hundreds of special seashells to be exhibited, is a place to say. 

Aydos Forest: Aydos Forest, one of the natural beauties in Kartal, allows people to breathe comfortably with the promenade right next to it. If you are looking for a place to get away from the chaos of the city in Istanbul, Aydos Forest in Kartal is for you!  

Kartal Cuisine: Kartal ' What to Eat? 

Below you can find the tastes you can eat in the most modern and remarkable district of Istanbul. 

  • Fish 
  • Kebap 
  • Halva  
  • Bosnian Pastry  
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