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Gölpazarı - About the Hotels


Gölpazarı, which hosted different civilizations before history, Bilecik is the district of the province.

Malazgirt With the Battle of the Field, the gates of Anatolia were opened to the Turks and various Turkish principalities began to be established there. The region took an important position during the First World War. Nowadays, Gölpazarı is a quiet district where the Marmara, Central Anatolia and the Black Sea are closest to each other. 

Gölpazarı Hotels: Where to Stay in Gölpazarı? 

Most of the people who visit or want to visit Gölpazarı cannot fully know where to stay here. Therefore, no matter how much they wanted, they could have to stay in different places close to the region rather than this region. However, HotelForex.com now aims to provide you with everything you need in this regard. In this way, you have the opportunity to choose the hotel you want to stay here in a much shorter time.

Gölpazarı Hotel Deals 

It can also be seen when the prices of hotels are examined It is possible to see that changes begin to emerge depending on many different factors.

Places to Visit in Gölpazarı 

People lived here in different historical periods The fact that it increases the number of places to visit in the region. We have prepared some of these places for you.

Mihail Gazi Mosque 

The mosque in the district center it is also known as the “Public Mosque” among the people. It was built between 1415 and 1418 by Gazi Mihail Pasha, the grandson of Köse Mihal Bey. When it came to 1811, the necessary renovation works were carried out by Mehmet Bey, the accident manager, and an additional floor was built. In 1975, because the original minaret was demolished, a minaret was rebuilt on the east side. The mosque is still open to worship now.

Mihal Bey Khan (Tashan) 

Located in the district center In the past, caravans were accommodated and people on the caravan were resting in this inn. In the inscription located above the entrance door, which has an arched structure, it is written that this inn was built by Mihal Pasha in 1318. The walls of the inn are built using very large stones. At the top, a vault cover was made with the brick material. The northeastern part was rebuilt during the restoration work carried out in 1969. When it came to 2007, the renovation works continued.

Gölpazarı Cuisine: What to Eat in Gölpazarı? 

Local flavors in the region mainly consist of the most delicious forms of cereal and dough. Therefore, when you come here, you can taste these flavors as you wish.

• Mountain Plum Sour Cut Soup

• Lentil Ravioli

• Scrub Soup

• Bilecik Casserole

• Finger Patties

• Dolphin Plum Stuffed Pepper with Sour Chili

• Kaçamak

• Zırz

• Sky Fasile

• Huris Tray

• Kebab with Chickpeas

• Quail Kebab

• Starch Halva

• Shrinking Dessert

Shopping in Gölpazarı: What to Buy in Gölpazarı? 

Cherry Festival, which is held in the region, is a must-attend when it coincides with your holiday. as a festival k stands out. Cherry, which is very delicious, is grown in the district and served to you. At the same time, beet molasses is among the natural products prepared here.

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