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Eskişehir - About the Hotels

Eskişehir, where you can find different cultures together, always has a young and dynamic atmosphere…

Being one of the European cities of our country, Eskişehir is always young and dynamic atmosphere, lively streets, historical and natural richness showing among the most beautiful cities in Turkey. We can say that Eskişehir, one of our important cities in terms of industry, history and art, satisfies its visitors in a cultural sense.

The ideal time to visit Eskişehir is spring or autumn months. Fun festivals are also organized in the city, which has a lush green appearance especially in May and June. As well as Eskisehir, Turkey is also home to two major universities doing. If we take into account that the density of students decreased in the summer months, we can say that a quieter and calm Eskişehir awaits you in this period.

Where to Stay in Eskişehir? Eskişehir Hotels

There are many accommodation alternatives in Eskişehir. If you are indecisive between Eskişehir hotels, then you need to highlight the purpose for which you are in the city. If you want to be close to the entertainment life of the city with a view of the river, you can choose the Eskişehir hotels around the Porsuk River. In addition, Eskişehir hotels located in central places such as Adalar, Doktorlar Caddesi and Bağlar are also ideal for touristic trips.

You can take a look at Eskişehir hotel deals on to stay in one of the most suitable Eskişehir hotels.

Eskişehir hotels, where there are many options from apart hotels to boutique hotels and city hotels, generally serve in the concept of bed and breakfast. If you want to experience a different accommodation experience, you can also get a nostalgic accommodation experience by choosing Eskişehir hotels located in Odunpazarı, most of which have been restored from historical mansions. You can find the most suitable Eskişehir hotel by following's Eskişehir hotel deals.

Eskişehir Hotel Deals

Having dozens of accommodation options in Eskişehir, Eskişehir Of course it also affects hotel prices. In this sense, we can say that Eskişehir hotel prices appeal to every budget. While the prices of Eskişehir hotels located by the river are slightly higher, the prices of other city hotels can be slightly lower. In order to catch the cheapest Eskişehir hotel prices, do not forget to follow Eskişehir hotel deals.

Places to Visit in Eskişehir

Eskişehir is indeed a very beautiful hotel. city. This beautiful city hosts many places to visit. When you come to Eskişehir, we strongly recommend you to see the historical Odunpazarı district, which attracts attention with its resemblance to Safranbolu. In Odunpazarı, you can visit Glass Museum, Wax Sculpture Museum and Meerschaum Museum . Eskisehir comes to mind is the Kentpark and Sazova Park, European air in Turkey suffered Badger Creek and Island With BC The Midas Monument and the Phrygian Valley dating back to 600 years are among the main places to visit in Eskişehir.

Things to Do in Eskişehir

Things that we can say don't return without doing it in Eskişehir are as follows;

  • Take a boat tour in Badger Creek.
  • Buy jewelry and souvenirs made of meerschaum.
  • Have a taste of Çibörek and Balaban meatballs.
  • in the Phrygian Valley walk.
  • Shop at Atlıhan Craft Market.
  • Watch the sunset at Waterfall Park.
  • Have fun at night in Eskişehir bars.
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