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Erikli - About the Hotels


Erikli is located in a natural wonder region, It is located approximately 6 kilometers west of İbrice Harbor.

When Erikli is mentioned, people primarily think of the clear sea and magnificent sand as the aquarium. While it was a small recreation area at first, it later became a village with many more people living in the region, and later it has managed to reach its current position by transforming into a town. Erikli, who managed to stay hidden in Saros Bay for quite a long time and thus protected himself, offers you a holiday that is happier, more peaceful and intertwined with nature than before. Especially when you want to get away from the existing chaos and crowds of big cities and spend your holiday comfortably in the trio of sea, sand and sun, Erikli will do what you want in this regard.

Erikli Hotels: Where to Stay in Erikli?

Erikli, one of the places that come to mind when it comes to vacation, is one of the favorite holiday spots of summer. The area is now generally researching accommodation because people want to stay here not only for short-term vacations, but also for much longer periods. If you want to find the best hotels in Erikli area in a very short time and want to see their features, offers you all the information you are looking for.

Erikli Hotel Prices

Erikli, one of the holiday destinations When you want to find the type of hotels you are looking for at the most affordable prices and to make a quick reservation, all you have to do is visit and make your choice easily.

Plumli Attractions

When it comes to a quiet holiday, mind When you come to Erikli, which has managed to find itself among the regions that come with priority, you should definitely see the beauties of the region.

Erikli Salt Lake

In the Ottoman period, this lake It has been used to meet. Nowadays, one of the most important features of Erikli Salt Lake is that local and migratory bird species live and breed in the region. Among the bird species that take place here, flamingos are the most well-known.

Port of Ibrice

When you come to the area, she wants to dive, but At this stage, if you do not know which location to go to, İbrice Port aims to give you what you are looking for in the best way. As you can see when you come to the region, which is a harbor hidden at the point where the rocks and the sea meet, people from the surrounding areas can dive here as they wish, especially on weekends. If you want to dive in the region but think that you do not have full knowledge of the subject, you also have the chance to study here. You have to be careful as there are too many sea urchins in the water in the 45-meter-deep harbor.

Erikli Cuisine: What to Eat in Erikli?

When you come to Erikli, which has very delicious flavors, you can enjoy the meals prepared here after spending your time having fun.

• Liver Wrap

Edirne Fried Liver

• Line Meat Dinner

• Almond Butter

Hayrabolu Dessert

Shopping in Erikli: What to Buy from Erikli?

< p style = "text-align: justify;"> The water buffalo yoghurt served with every meal in the region is also among the products that people who come here take with them. In addition, the almond paste prepared in the region is also among the famous products. Cheese, which uses milk in the region, is also a product that people buy for themselves and their loved ones. One of the most important features of this cheese, which is indispensable for breakfast, is that the mixed milk is not used during the making of the milk.

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