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Edirne - About the Hotels

A historical city that was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a period; Edirne ...

is located at the western tip of Turkey Edirne. Due to its proximity to Istanbul, it is also seen as one of the ideal routes to be visited on weekends. Turkey is known as the gateway to Europe Edirne, Sultan City, also is considered. Edirne, which has been the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a period, is a place that has hosted many civilizations throughout history, although it has a peaceful and cozy atmosphere that spreads from the banks of the Meriç River today. In this sense, it contains many historical buildings. The Great Edirne Synagogue, which you can visit today, is the second largest synagogue in Europe. In addition, it is possible to see all the traces of Mimar Sinan in this beautiful city.

Edirne Hotels

Visiting Edirne for business and cultural trips. There are many alternatives for accommodation when you visit. Edirne hotels, which serve in all types and concepts, stand out with their quality services. If you are in Edirne for touristic travel purposes, you may prefer Edirne hotels located in the center and close to attractions. you can. There are many options from apart hotels to boutique hotels from hostels to city hotels.

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Edirne Hotel Deals

Edirne hotel prices, which appeal to every income level, generally vary according to the facilities and service quality of the hotel. Due to the increase in the number of visitors on weekends, there may be differences in Edirne hotel prices at these times. However, the location of the hotel directly affects the Edirne hotel prices. However, it is possible to find a suitable hotel in all conditions.

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 Places to Visit in Edirne 

One of the places to visit in Edirne is Mimar Sinan's Selimiye Mosque , which she describes as "my masterpiece" is coming. Then you can see Uzunköprü , which is seen as the longest stone bridge in the world. II. Located inside the Bayezid Complex, Darüşşifa is located on the other side of the Meriç River and has a cute atmosphere Karaağaç is one of the most magnificent structures of its period and is also a work of Mimar Sinan < Don't forget to see the strong> Rüstem Paşa Caravanserai and the very lively Bedesten Bazaar . Edirne is another must-see places; Üç Şerefeli Mosque, Peykler Madrasa, Hafızağa Mansion, Edirne Justice Kastı, Edirne Archeology and Ethnography Museum, Turkish Islamic Arts Museum and Edirne City Museum. 

 Things to Do in Edirne 

The things we can say do not return without doing in Edirne are as follows;

 ·  Don't go back without eating Edirne's famous pan liver.

 ·  Visit Ottoman works

·  Experience Edirne's local flavors; Kesan meatball, almond butter and cheese dessert.

 ·  Shop at the Bedesten Bazaar.

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