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Büyükada - About the Hotels


Büyükada, the largest of the islands called Prince Islands, Istanbul One of the most touristic places of.

In its streets covered with colorful bougainvillea cycling, exploring its historical mansions closely, swimming on its deep blue beaches... It always manages to impress its visitors with its cultural and architectural texture as well as all its natural beauties. Having a population well above its normal population in the summer months, the island is a daily escape point to get away from city noise and traffic.

Buyukada Hotels: Where to Stay in Buyukada?

You will need a place to stay to see the cities and places you want to visit in Büyükada district. It is quite possible to find a hotel that suits your budget and your comfortable understanding. It is not that difficult to find a hotel that appeals to every comfort and budget. You may want to stay in one of these hotels and visit Büyükada as you wish. Before making a reservation in one of the most suitable Buyukada hotels, you can check and discuss Buyukada hotel prices on Hotelforex.com.

Buyukada Affordable Hotel Deals

Buyukada hotel prices are definitely suitable for your pocket. We can say that the most important factors affecting Buyukada hotel prices are the location, facilities and service quality of the hotel. For this reason, it is possible to find a hotel suitable for your budget in Buyukada. If you want to take advantage of the best Buyukada hotel prices, you can follow Buyukada hotel prices on Hotelforex.com and talk to the hotels.

Places to Visit in Buyukada

There are many places to visit in Buyukada, where and its cultural texture adds many differences. You cannot visit Buyukada without visiting each of these places. If you want to know where to start exploring Buyukada, keep browsing.

Buyukada Beach: Buyukada will welcome you with its purple and pink bougainvilleas. It is impossible not to admire Büyükada, an extraordinary place with its mansions, boutique hotels and wonderful restaurants. How would you like to have a nice trip on the island where the use of motor vehicles is prohibited? Before you set off towards Saat Square, continue on the left and reach a coastline, although it is not too big. While walking along this coastline, you will encounter different fish restaurants and breweries. If you wish, you can have a delicious meal by choosing one of these or you can sit on the benches by the sea and watch the magnificent view.

Clock Square: I guess we would not be mistaken if we say it is one of the most important symbolic structures of Büyükada. This square, which absolutely everyone visits, is also a meeting point. The historical clock in the square was built in 1923 and has survived as the iconic symbol of Büyükada. Moreover, you can eat delicious ice creams from famous ice cream parlors or taste bite-sized desserts.

Island Bazaar: It is located just behind the clock square and the coastline. In addition to handicraft stalls and famous market chains, you can have the chance to find many more shopping alternatives here. Adding that there are restaurants and famous dessert shops, let's say that you must choose one and eat.

Buyukada Cuisine: What to Eat in Buyukada?

One of the tastes of Buyukada. You cannot enjoy this trip without getting your share. We do not recommend that you leave this place without tasting Buyukada cuisine. We can list some of the flavors you can enjoy in this place as follows;

  • Roman Ice Cream
  • Lokma
  • Olive Oil Artichoke
  • Sardine in Vine Leaf
  • Fish Salad with Soy Sauce
  • Pumpkin Fried
  • Skinny Salad
  • Fish Soup
  • Roasting Honey

Shopping in Büyükada: What to Buy in Büyükada?

In memory of your return, you may want to leave Buyukada. If you want to buy souvenirs in this district, you should shop at local dealers and shops.

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