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Alanya - About the Hotels

Described as the Turkish Riviera and the pioneering city of our country's summer tourism Antalya Alanya is one of the most famous districts of Alanya...

One of the most beautiful holiday resorts in the Mediterranean Region, Alanya Antalya Center. It is possible to reach Alanya easily from both Antalya Airport and Alanya Gazipaşa Airport. Regarded as a holiday paradise, Alanya greets the holidaymakers with the magnificent view of the Taurus Mountains on one side and its clear turquoise sea on the other. Alanya attracts attention with its rich cultural background in this sense. Alanya offers you a wonderful summer holiday opportunity with its quality Alanya hotels, unique beaches, lively nightlife and cultural richness.

Where to Stay in Alanya? Alanya Hotels

In Alanya, which hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists throughout the year, you can choose among the most suitable Alanya hotels. offers you many Alanya hotel deals so that you can find the most suitable for you among the Alanya hotels serving in every concept. There are many options, from bed and breakfast to everything, from hostels to boutique hotels. You can have a fun Alanya holiday by choosing the cheapest Alanya hotels that appeal to every budget.

Alanya Hotel Deals

Alanya hotel prices that appeal to you, we can say that it makes holidaymakers smile in this sense. In order to catch the most suitable Alanya hotels and Alanya hotel deals, you can follow early booking periods or campaigns held at different times. Alanya hotel prices; The service quality of the hotel varies both in terms of the facilities it has and periodically. However, it is possible to find a hotel that appeals to every income level in Alanya.

Places to Visit in Alanya

When you come to Alanya, first of all, the Seljuk Dynasty in the 13th century We strongly recommend you to see Alanya Castle , built by Alaaddin Keykubat and located on a rocky peninsula at an altitude of 250 meters. However, you should definitely add Red Tower , another symbol of Alanya and located at the port, to your list of places to visit in Alanya. Other must-see places in Alanya include the fascinating Damlataş Cave discovered during the construction of the Alanya pier in 1948 and Phosphorous Cave which can only be reached by sea. .

Places to Go to the Sea in Alanya

Alanya has a very long coastline. Most of these beaches in Alanya, which hosts beautiful beaches, are blue flagged. The main beaches in Alanya that need to swim are; Cleopatra Beach, Portakal Beach, İncekum Beach, Koru Beach, Damlataş Beach, Keykubat Beach, Ulaş Beach, Fuğla Beach and Kargıcık Beach.

Things To Do In Alanya

The things you can say don't return without doing in Alanya are as follows;

  • Swimming in beautiful bays and beaches.
  • Living Alanya nightlife.
  • Exploring the highlands of Alanya.
  • At first Syedra Tracing the history in ancient cities, including the Ancient City.
  • See historical spots in Alanya Center.
  • Not returning without seeing Damlataş Cave.
  • Rafting in Dim Stream.
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